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In Defense of being a Pinterest Mom


I recently read an article online downgrading those people who are over achievers as parents or those crazy moms who feel the need to stress themselves out planning the perfect birthday parties and going over the top with EVERY single minor holiday celebration.
I will be honest. I am that mom. I am the mom who stays up late creating lesson plans so my daughter will be the top of her class. I am the mom who has a 7 page outline of my daughter’s birthday party activities. I am the mom who spends hours looking on Pinterest for ideas to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.
But I am also the mom who will never know what it’s like to be pregnant. I am the mom who aches to see my daughter be a big sister. I am the mom who would find joy running around like a crazy woman after a ton of kids.
5 years ago my husband and I started the adoption process for our second child. That’s a long time to be waiting. There are days that I am overwhelmed with emptiness. There are days that I struggle to pray to my Heavenly Father asking him to bless us with another child because it is so painful. I think only those who have experienced infertility can understand the extent and depth of heartache that is associated with this trial.
So do I sit at home and cry my eyes out every day? I easily could! But I have a choice. There are two things I have found to help me through this. First, gratitude. I have been incredibly blessed with the most amazing husband and daughter. My Boo is the PERFECT child for me. She fills my heart with happiness and joy. I will never understand how I got so blessed to have her in my life. ┬áSecond, I find a lot of fulfillment in dedicating my every waking moment to being the best mom I can be. So yes- while I happily plan details of every birthday and minor holiday- keep in mind that as a mom of only one child I have limited celebrations. If I don’t take advantage of these special opportunities with my daughter now, I don’t have the option of doing them later with a second or third child.
I know not every Pinterest enthusiast struggles with infertility. But this is my story. I do not apologize for being the holiday zealot.
I guess you could say in a way Pinterest is my therapy. ­čÖé

DIY Telephone Number Bracelets

I saw this idea on Pinterest and fell in love! While my daughter has her phone number memorized, I wanted her to correlate the memorized numbers with the written digits. We have a ton of pony beads- and while I would have much rather used beads with pre-stamped numbers, I grabbed what I had and Boo and I started creating!

Materials needed:
beads (we used plastic beads- if you have number beads then this project will turn out much cuter!)
string or pipe cleaner
sharpie (in case you don’t have number beads)

Super easy telephone number bracelets (blurred out the number- sorry, I don’t want prank phone calls ­čÖé

On each bead, write one digit of your phone number. Then let your kids put their phone number in order on the string (or pipe cleaner). And voila! You are done! Of course you could do several extension activities- such as add the area code, see how many 2 or 3 digit numbers they can create using the digits in their phone number, using a separate phone allow kids to practice dialing their number, and of course listen to this fun song: (This is actually how my daughter initially memorized her phone number!)

Here are some additional resources to help your little ones learn their phone numbers:
squidoo: free worksheets for kids to learn to write their telephone number
KidPhone: helpful app to teach your kids their phone number
bright hub education: fabulous list of ways to help preschoolers learn their phone number

Teaching your little ones their phone number is SO important for safety reasons- hopefully some of these resources will help you accomplish this task!! These bracelets would be great to take anywhere your kids might get lost- amusement park, fair, zoo, airport, beach, etc!

Happy Teaching!

Pinterest~ Our New Collaborative Technology Board

In this technology crazed world, sometimes we feel like we need a road map to navigate through the jumble of websites, computer games, and apps. I can’t offer you a map, but I can let you know about a new technology pinterest board. There are some amazing contributors that will be adding some of their favorite websites, apps, and more! Come check it out!

Look who’s collaborating with us!
Living Montessori Now
Creative Connections for Kids
Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents
Classified Mom
Wise Owl Factory
Carrots are Orange

Happy Teaching!

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