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Our Fall Apothecary Jars

I love this time of year! I decorated my apothecary jars with some fun fall items- this is a wonderful way to display all those autumn treasures you and your child find on walks! I have to be honest… my items were all found at craft stores… BUT  I love the thought of a happy mother/daughter harvest nature walk versus walking up and down the aisle with a screaming child at Michaels! 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Happy Trails

This is that time of year when you can really take advantage of the great outdoors! A fun and very inexpensive (free!) activity you can do with your family is to go on a nature walk. There are trails everywhere- from the mountains to the beaches, from parks to prairies! And it is such a great way to create memories and get some good old fashioned exercise!

The teacher in me can’t waste a possible learning moment- I created an adventure sheet of different things we would search for on our walk. I stuck that on a clipboard, grabbed the family (and the camera), and we were off! I had my daughter color in with a pencil each of the items as we saw them during our walk (clouds, worms, trees, etc.) The great thing about using an adventure sheet is that it provides a visual reminder of what we did during our walk. Feel free to follow the link to download the file or use it as a guide to create your own!

We saw a small snake on our walk. . . it got my husband and I thinking about the family night activities we could have on trail safety and first aid. . . you can NEVER be too safe (you could even create your own family merit badge program and provide your kiddos with small badges or stickers every time they learned a new safety skill!)

Happy Teaching!
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