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Letter Day Preview- Rr

R day already! WOW! Before going into our days activities, I am going to answer a question from Orange Juice. She asked a great question wondering if my daughter was understanding the concept and learning her letters. My Boo is almost 2- and I need to say that my intention in doing these letter days was just to get her feet wet and provide her with some alphabet schema or background knowledge. I am amazed at how much she is actually grasping. I would have to say she is about 75% accurate in letter sounds A-R and letter recognition is probably around 50%…. there are certain letters she knows really well- like D, M, X, K (sometimes mislabeled as an X). I plan on doing some sort of an assessment with her this week to see where she is at. I am trying to figure out her strengths and let her guide me with her education- so far I can say she is a great memorizer. At the same time- I am trying NOT to go overboard with “school stuff” and provide her with a well rounded childhood.
OK, lets review the letter R!

went on a rock hunt, collected several different rocks in a bucket
we then painted rocks in a rainbow of colors
once the rocks dried, we danced in a circle around the rocks (don’t ask me why we do this… other than the fact that my daughter loves to run in circles, I have no reasonable explanation! this is a good example of me gearing Boo’s learning to her interests!)
we then matched the rocks on colored felt squares. i thought that this would be easier than it really was…. my daughter just wanted to jump on the felt. she has bundles of energy ALL the time!
we danced with some ribbon around the living room

We ate Ravioli for dinner and also ran around the table…. and of course we had some yummy rootbeer floats! The r sound is a little tricky for my little one to say- not as difficult as the L sound though.
I had great plans for doing rainbow art with strings and some Montessori rice activities (as well as coloring rice) The day was too short for all that R fun!
Happy Teaching!
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