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Letter Day Preview- Qq

This was quite the day- as far as letter learning is concerned! I have been nervous for Q day to come since we started the ABC days…. why, you may ask? I am concerned about teaching my Boo the correct sound the letter Q makes. While most say “kw”, those familiar with digraphs and phonics know that without the u, the q says “k”. So which do I teach my daughter- the phonetically correct way, or the generalization?
I ended up teaching her that the Q says”k”. But from her Letter Factory experience, she already knows “kw”. More often than not, u follows q and therefore makes that sound. I can’t stress over such a little thing! RELAX, Keri!!! She isn’t even 2 yet!!!!
Here is a picture of our Q day project with q tips. We had fun painting and making a big mess!

We also looked at some quilt books, ate quesadillas (not a cook and actually made enchiladas! oops!)
Happy Teaching!

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