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Letter Day Preview- Gg

What a glorious day! We had so much fun celebrating the letter G!! In honor of G day, we all wore green to church yesterday (my little one has a green dress). Little Boo’s uncle Tyler came up with his girlfriend Heather and they went to the park. I have to tell you how amazing Heather is- she came up with a whole bag of g related activities to do with my little Boo!!! She is amazing! They ate goldfish crackers, played a game of fishing, wore glasses… too fun!!! And Heather is a fellow teacher- I just love the way she thinks!
We dined on some G items today- granola bars, a lot of grapes, garlic chicken, garlic bread (boy I bet our breath was GROSS!!)

Tonight was game night- we played a few rounds of Lucky Duck (the only board game my daughter can kinda play), my husband played a Chinese game called GO…a little too tricky for my baby girl!

I wanted to incorporate Boo’s grandparents in our G day festivities. My little one colored them a picture “G is for Grandma” or “G is for Grandpa.” We gave them gifts of gummy bears to show how much we love them!!

Some other G activities:

  • we went to the gas station
  • Boo opened and closed the garage door with the button for the first time today
  • colored the Gg template (which I have already become “that mother”… while Boo napped I put the stickers on her letters… aughhhh! She needs to experience the sticker process but we were 3 letters behind already and I wanted to catch up…. not my best mommy moment, that’s for sure!)
  • played on the grass

You might have noticed I stuck with just the hard g sound today. I didn’t want to confuse her at first- but the soft g sound is definitely something that we will go over in the future.

I hope your G day celebrations are as great as can be! Remember to check out the G page on The Home Teacher WIKI. Have fun and remember- happy teaching!

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