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Letter E Candy

Boo and I recently had a Silent E day! I introduced her to this crazy letter and we started our learning adventure with a hunt for CVC and CVCV words. This was also the perfect time to introduce the sight word “like”.  

I found these ADORABLE printables from Tales of a Teacherista.  We printed them on card stock but instead of using the cutout letter e to turn those short vowels into long vowels- I decided we should make our own e.

I scrambled around our kitchen looking for something to use when I saw our Peach Rings (we have way too much candy on hand at our house). They worked PERFECTLY.

To make the lowercase letter e, you simply break the circle apart and bring the top loose end inside to make the loop. Super easy!

Boo had a riot making her own sugar “e”s, and the best part was that after she read a list of words with her candy e she got to eat it! An educational tool and a treat! This also helped her with writing the lowercase letter e.

Happy Teaching!

Letter Day Preview- Ee

All I can say about our letter E day is that it was exhausting!!! We started off the day driving to the zoo to look at the elephants and eagles (thanks grandma!). We were too drained for our planned enchilada dinner so we settled for ego waffles. We watched an Elmo movie…. and, I think that is it!
I knew when I decided that we would try and hit all the letters in one month that we would have our good days where we would be able to accomplish a lot and we would have our busy days where we would have to throw in our letter learning as it came up throughout the day.
Looking back- we could have taken time to go ride the elevators or escalators, done a brief lesson on empty and full, learned about hearing with our ears, and eaten a delicious dinner of enchiladas. 🙂 Maybe next time!
Happy Teaching!!

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