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Yoga for Kids

Don’t be intimidated by the word- your toddler CAN do yoga! And more than likely he/she will enjoy doing the different poses! Just pick two or three at first- not to be too overwhelming. Go through each of the steps of the poses- modeling it for your tot- and be sure to not get frustrated if your tot has their own yoga technique. Remember that the goal of yoga is to relax and energize your mind and body- not leave you stressed out! I recommend purchasing a yoga for kids program to help simplify the pose steps and make this a FUN activity as well- I use the Yoga Pretzel cards and LOVE them!! My wiggly daughter loves the rock pose- who knew she would want to be so still!

Supplies Needed-
– yoga mat or towel to perform the different poses on

– a knowledge of yoga or a learning tool (book, video, activity cards)

Happy Teaching!

Play Catch

Play Catch!
This is a simple game that requires nothing more than a willing toddler and a soft ball! Your tot might not be able to catch the ball mid-air, but will have tons of fun grabbing the ball and throwing it back to you! This game is also fun with balloons (my daughter preferred that method to balls- they came down slower so she had time to grab the balloon before it fell to the ground)

Supplies Needed-
– soft ball or balloon

Crib Sheet Parachute

Crib Sheet Parachute Fun!
“You know the fun games that you played with that big parachute in gym class!! Here’s a chance to have some fun with your toddler and a simple fitted crib sheet. Let your toddler hold one side and you hold the other. Now flap the sheet in the air, and both of you go under it. Or have your toddler hold on while you raise it “up” in the air and “down” to the floor. Teach him “up” and “down”! You can go around in circles or in and out. Your toddler may have some ideas of what to do also!! Laugh a lot and have some real fun.

Supplies Needed:
– fitted crib sheet”

This was a fun (short lived though) activity for my Boo. It was easy since I was changing her sheets anyway! If I were to do it again I think I would add some soft balls to the center of the sheet while flapping it in the air…. it would have been easier, too if there were more people. Important thing is that my little one had a great 5 minutes of fun playing with her Momma!

Happy Playing!

Cell Phone Hide and Seek

Cell Phone Hide-&-Seek!
“Do you have a cell phone with a fun ringer? Hide your cell phone under a pillow and then call it from your home phone. Let your toddler find the ringing cell phone! You can even put it in a different room! Each time you play, change the ringer. It’s a fun way to teach your toddler to listen and follow a sound! (Just be sure to put the keyguard on so that your toddler doesn’t make any calls!) This is also a great activity if you are somewhere waiting and you have two cell phones!

Supplies Needed-
– cell phone

– another phone”

My daughter had SO much fun with this activity. We played it at least 15 times and would have played more if we had more time! Best part of the activity- it is easy and yet very engaging because the phone is not always in the same place. Definately a must try game for all you moms and dads of tots!

Happy Playing!

Picnic Talk- Jump, Skip & Hop

Today at ABC and 123 we are discussing outdoor games and physical activities that we love to do together as a family. I will be honest and upfront and say that neither my dear husband or myself are athletic. But we have been blessed with a very active, strong, sporty little girl! I know that one day soon she will be teaching us about athleticism just as I am teaching her the alphabet. Fair trade!
We do love to be together though. We spend many hours a week at parks, outside exploring, jumping on the mini tramp, and running around the kitchen table! My almost 2 year old daughter will pull at my finger wanting me to chase her around and around and around…. I think we have a future track star in the making!
We also love to hike together. We are fortunate to live by some amazing mountains that offer such a beautiful view of the valley atop the peaks. Definitely worth the climb!
I tried doing yoga with my Boo when she was about 9 months… not really interested. I am going to give it another go for our letter Y day…. she may be more up to it this time! 🙂
Reading the title of this week’s picnic talk is getting me all excited to teach my daughter HOW to skip and hop (she has mastered the jump). I am going to look into finding a copy of “Skip to my Lou” and “the Bunny Hop” since she loves to perform to music (there is a great marching song I play for her on the piano that she LOVES)
Happy Teaching!!! 🙂 Let the love of learning inspire the teacher in us all!

Get Your Toddler Moving! Large Motor Skill Ideas

Toddlerhood is such a fun and fast paced period in a child’s life. They learn new things constantly and are curious about the world around them. Toddlers have so much energy (at least mine does!) I wanted to channel that energy with some basic movement cards to help her learn different locomotor skills. Each of the cards has a different skill as well as a picture.
I have a set of about 125 cards I made for my second graders that has more difficult activities and no pictures. Some of the activities on this set include: spell your name using your body, 5 pushups, make your own 8 count dance, run in place while singing the alphabet, etc. This is a game we would play in gym- I would throw out the cards face down in the middle of the gym, the kids would be in teams and one member would choose a card at random, complete the activity, and return to their team with the card. When we ran out of cards in the middle, the game was over and we would count points. The team with the highest points, or cards, was declared the winner!

I wanted to make a toddler version of this game and this is what I have come up with:

  1. Place the cards face down on carpeted area
  2. Have your toddler choose at random one card from the pile
  3. Perform the selected activity together
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until all cards have been chosen
  5. If your tot is unhappy with the game, either stop or alter to suit your child’s needs (maybe they choose the card, and an older sibling does the activity at first, or remove cards that might be making your child frustrated)
  6. Be sure and offer plenty of praise and recognition for trying a new game! And remember that your child is not only learning different locomotor skills, but should be having fun, too!

Here is a picture of our first 8 cards: I am starting small and unfortunately I am pretty picky about the final product looking cute!:)

I have already started working on a set of “move like a ___ animal cards” that I hope to have finished shortly! I have to let you all know- working in themes makes creating and organizing materials SO easy!!

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