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DIY Telephone Number Bracelets

I saw this idea on Pinterest and fell in love! While my daughter has her phone number memorized, I wanted her to correlate the memorized numbers with the written digits. We have a ton of pony beads- and while I would have much rather used beads with pre-stamped numbers, I grabbed what I had and Boo and I started creating!

Materials needed:
beads (we used plastic beads- if you have number beads then this project will turn out much cuter!)
string or pipe cleaner
sharpie (in case you don’t have number beads)

Super easy telephone number bracelets (blurred out the number- sorry, I don’t want prank phone calls ūüôā

On each bead, write one digit of your phone number. Then let your kids put their phone number in order on the string (or pipe cleaner). And voila! You are done! Of course you could do several extension activities- such as add the area code, see how many 2 or 3 digit numbers they can create using the digits in their phone number, using a separate phone allow kids to practice dialing their number, and of course listen to this fun song: (This is actually how my daughter initially memorized her phone number!)

Here are some additional resources to help your little ones learn their phone numbers:
squidoo: free worksheets for kids to learn to write their telephone number
KidPhone: helpful app to teach your kids their phone number
bright hub education: fabulous list of ways to help preschoolers learn their phone number

Teaching your little ones their phone number is SO important for safety reasons- hopefully some of these resources will help you accomplish this task!! These bracelets would be great to take anywhere your kids might get lost- amusement park, fair, zoo, airport, beach, etc!

Happy Teaching!

Toddler + Pennies = Captivating Learning Game

My daughter is fascinated with her piggie bank. She can sit for a very long time picking up coins and individually placing them in the bank’s slot. I was watching her do this (I wouldn’t leave a toddler alone with small coins because of a choking hazard) and was just amazed to watch her do something so intricately!

This is an easy way to work on fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, as well as early concepts of coin identification. Use “money words” as your child picks up a coin “That is a quarter.” and eventually you can add the coin’s value. Even the littlest of tots WILL benefit from a language-rich environment! You can sort the coins based on size, color, value, etc. and even learn about a circle, too! There are learning moments all around us- so keep your eyes open!

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