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Socialization During Isolation: 10 Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged With Others

Alright guys, this crazy flu season has started. And who knows how long we will be taking important and necessary precautions to keep our families and friends protected from the corona virus.

With that being said, socialization should not be neglected. Social interaction is good for our minds and our souls, ensuring that we are a part of a community of people who care about us.

Can socialization take place during isolation? YES! It may will look differently than large playdates and parties. But it can and should happen!

Here is a list of 10 things that you can do to socialize during isolation

1.Download a video chatting app- Google Hangout, Marco Polo, Skype, and Facetime are just a few of the options available. Check in with family- especially those who are sick, elderly, or anyone who could use a quick video showing that you care!

2. Use that video app to play a board game with friends from the safety of isolation! Everyone playing will need a copy of the board game at their homes, and you or your child will need to move the game markers of their friends. Encourage your child to use good sportsmanship etiquette. 🙂

3. You can also use your video app to read a favorite story; perform a talent; or put on a puppet show for a friend or family member.

4. You can even play toys with friends remotely- just grab your pile of My Little Ponies, Barbies, cars, etc- set up your video app and play from a distance! Kids can still chat with their friends and you can have a few minutes to sanitize the door knobs or wash your face masks. If a video app isn’t an option you can always use your speaker phone!

5. Start a story chain with a friend digitally. Everyone takes a turn adding a sentence to the story. This could be done via video chat, a text thread, or email.

6. Write a Pen Pal! If you don’t know WHO to write, check out the website Pen Pals Schools. They are offering their pen pal site for free during the CoVID Pandemic.

7. Do a 6 foot service project for someone in your family or community… more info and ideas to come in a future post. Get out and serve, just stay 6 feet away from people!

8. Take advantage of phone calls and texting- a simple way to check in with friends. This would be great not only for your kids who miss their friends, but for you as well! And a great way to teach the basics of phone call etiquette.

9. Plan a neighborhood picnic- everyone stays six feet away or eats in their own yard! Of course sharing food isn’t the best option, but it would be fun to yell a cheerful greeting to your neighbors! Your kids could even design their own megaphones for the occasion.

10. sidewalk chalk tic tac toe with a neighbor! Just remember after you make your mark on the driveway to run back at least 6 feet before your neighbor takes their turn.

As always, be safe and Happy TEACHing!

Free Family Board Game

Corona Virus got your family down? Print this fun game to play with your family. Some of the activities are related to being healthy and some are just plain fun!

Download the game and both sets of cards, Players will complete the activity or answer the question depending on the color of the space they land on. You may need to reuse cards so make sure you have a discard pile for both blue and green cards!

You will need game markers and all three printables to play. Some activities require additional supplies, like access to soap/water and paper/pencil.

Or download the PDF here:

Happy TEACHing!!!

Dollar Store Family Gift: Testimony Time Capsule

Need a quick (and cheap) gift idea for neighbors, family members, or friends? Want to help those you love reflect on their testimonies of the Savior? If so this gift is for you! 

It is super cheap- everything (but the printables) are available at the Dollar Tree (my favorite store!).  

I did have to go to the grocery store for the mini sparkling ciders since our dollar store was out of stock, but you might be lucky enough to snag some. 🙂

New Years Eve falls on a Monday night. The Testimony Time Capsule book serves as a FHE kit! So you can give the gift of celebrating the New Years AND have a family home evening all prepped. LOVE!!!

There is an idea list that you can pop into the box with some additional activities.

The purpose of the Testimony Time Capsule is simple. Have fun while reflecting on your testimonies. At the end of 2019 you can open up the time capsule and see how your learning has grown.

Check out our post on New Year, New Testament to print off the labels for the Testimony Time Capsule boxes. 

Happy TEACHing! 

New Year, New Testament: Come Follow Me Kick Off Party

What better way to kick off your study of the New Testament than with a New Years Eve party? New Years Eve just happens to fall on Monday, so it makes a perfect family night activity. Just tweak your festivities a bit to include the New Testament and you are ready to go!

Testimony Time Capsule

Our favorite idea is to create a Testimony Time Capsule with your family. Have each member of your family write their testimony and/or their prior knowledge of the New Testament on a piece of paper. You can also have them write questions of things they want to learn about in the New Testament. Place the papers in a container- I used a shoebox we had laying around- and hide it away until the end of the year. At the end of the year have your family members rewrite their testimonies and/or what they now know about the New Testament. Pull out the time capsule and see how their learning has grown!

Click on the image below to download the free printable!

Countdown to the Bible

If you are crazy like us and *try* and stay up until midnight, add in some fun bible activities throughout the night. Make a paper chain countdown with favorite bible verses to read throughout the night. Put together a puzzle of the Savior. Watch little clips of bible videos while snacking on treats. Wear party hats while reading stories from the New Testament. After setting off confetti poppers talk about how God can make our hearts pop with love as we learn more about Him and follow His example.

Remember to make this a fun experience for your family! Anna at Ivory Bloom and I are both so excited to help your families be more converted to Christ. 🙂

Happy TEACHing and celebrating the bible!

General Conference Puzzle

Who doesn’t love an interactive activity for kids to work on during general conference? I thought it would be fun to make a little puzzle. The plan is my daughter will fill out a few of these during conference talks. She will cut them out and place all the pieces in one baggie. During our next FHE (or in-between sessions) we will try to put the puzzles together- and my daughter can check to make sure we did it right. This will also be a great review for her since she will be checking our work. You want to make sure that there are at least two complete puzzles, otherwise it will be way too easy to put the puzzle back together.


Happy TEACHing!

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