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Some Fun September Holidays

I recently downloaded this great calendar pdf from Tara at Raising Itty Bitty Bookworms. Tara, if you are reading this, you are incredible! I thought I would import the pdf into the Gimp and add some fun, crazy holidays that we are going to be celebrating this month! ( I just barely completed this, thats why the first week of September looks awfully boring!Happy Teaching!

Curriculum Plans for Upcoming Year

Daddy starts school tomorrow and I am working on my Boo’s school plans, too! We will kick off our learning in September with a variety of learning. Basic curriculum consists of:

  1. itty bitty bookworm– this will be our most structured learning time of the day. I will be starting in September and can hardly wait! I do know that I will have to modify this curriculum to meet the needs of my little miss smarty pants!
  2. montessori learning based activities– I am not sure yet how I will implement this…. unfortunately it is taking the back burner until I figure something out.
  3. religious learning (weekly lesson from Nursery Manual) as well as reading scriptures daily with mommy
  4. nursery rhymes– maybe have a “rhyme time” every day where we will repeat favorite rhymes, or learn a new one… I will be printing off the Nursery Rhymes I found here and placing them in a binder that my daughter can sit and read whenever! I am thinking about doing these on the days we aren’t doing religious teaching…
  5. theme based learning ideas– such as 5 senses, Feelings, 123’s…. I would love to get a schedule for these- but as of right now…. there is none! I think up until Christmas we will just have a lot of the holiday themes (Halloween, thanksgiving, etc) with lessons that she might be needing or that come up through our play.

Here is a list of some unstructured learning that we plan to embark on….

  1. review of ABC’s, Colors, Shapes– just in everyday play. not ready for a letter of the week yet. I will be starting that when she is more comfortable writing. My daughter is obsessed with the alphabet and we spend lots of time during free play singing the ABC song or playing with her Leap Frog Alphabet Magnet Set.
  2. added large motor skill activities (‘cuz thats what she loves)- nothing scheduled (as of yet)- just more a reminder to myself to add these activities throughout the day since I am not a sporty momma! but i want more days at the park, more walks on the nature trail, more visits to the duck pond… that is what childhood is about and I don’t want to rob that of my daughter ‘cuz I am too giddy for lesson planning.
  3. music time whether its playing an instrument, singing, or dancing- music is a big part of our family and I want to instill that in my daughter! I would like to work on some basics with her- lots of clapping exercises to give her a good sense of rhythm which will help later on when she starts piano lessons.
  4. art time– whether open ended or coloring a picture, there can never be too much art!

I don’t want more than 1.5 hours of structured learning time per day. So that is going to take some serious scheduling on my part (funny that I am the kind of person that is scheduling for unscheduled time! geez!!!)
One more week…. and then I am forcing myself to have my days organized!
Happy Planning and Teaching!!!

August Curriculum Calendar (I’m A Fit Kid)

Here it is… the calendar for our now busy month of August. It actually looks a lot more busy than it will be… with some simple work on nutrition throughout the week, daily movement activities, and some simple tidying up (mostly on my end) I think this month will be a lot of fun! Don’t let the calendar overwhelm you!!I can’t even tell you how excited I am to incorporate more physical fitness and nutrition into our lives… And I know that the physical activities will be SO much fun for my Boo! 🙂 So let’s put those chips and french fries down and have some good healthy fun during August!!
Happy Playing!

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May’s Curriculum Calendar

Here it is! May’s curriculum calendar. I decided to keep it simple this month and just focus on learning the three basic shapes (circle, square, and triangle). She already knows hearts and stars. I want to use the following activities to help my little one learn these shapes!

  • FOOD- of course we will need to eat our shapes! Whether its a meal or snack, too! I will post more about our food shape activities.
  • DANCE- I found this adorable lesson plan online for the Shape Hokey Pokey. I will tone it down for my 18 month old daughter and just focus on one new shape at a time (while using the shapes she already knows)
  • ART- I haven’t researched this one yet- but I am sure there are tons of artsy ideas using shapes! Off the top of my head I am thinking collages, play dough sculptures, using stencils, stamping, making shape people… the possibilities are endless!
  • BOOKS- we will be reading some shape books as well as making our own! I am not sure if I will make a separate book for each shape or one big one with all our colors. For the illustrations we could color, paint, or use digital pictures to create the shapes!

As far as Montessori plans for this month- I want to continue our work with I Spy but focus still primarily on practical life stuff. (using my period one checklist). I will be posting the Montessori Lesson checklists for periods 2-4 soon as well as updates on my Brainy Boo’s learning environment.
Happy Teaching!! And no matter what our little ones gain/ignore from our lessons, remember to Find Joy in the Journey!

April’s Curriculum Calendar

So better late than never, I guess! This calendar has a basic framework for teaching the following concepts:

  1. I am a child of God
  2. Colors (week 1: red, yellow, blue)
  3. Colors (week 2:purple, green, orange)
  4. Rough/Smooth I am trying to teach her one set of opposites a month

I am starting to incorporate some Montessori skills into her curriculum (such as color tablets and touch boards). I want to do more practical life skills… as of right now, I just teach ’em when they come up. I also use the book The Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Twos as a resource for teaching ideas and activities.

Check List for Montessori Period One

For those that read my previous blog entry and are familiar with the Montessori periods as described in the book Basic Montessori by David Gettman (this guy should really pay me for all this free advertising!), I have made a checklist of Period One. This will serve as a guideline in sequencing the Montessori Activities. Simply click on the image file below to download the pdf!

Sequencing Your Activities- More on Montessori

The goal of this post is to provide you with some type of a framework for teaching Montessori.

One thing that I crave is order… I think most of us appreciate a schedule or some consistency! While reading about fabulous Montessori activities, and that there is a proper time for each of them, my mind was spinning trying to figure out what the best order would be! Of course every child is different and will accelerate at different subjects at different times… I just needed a simple guideline of how to implement Montessori.
And then I read Basic Montessori. The author of the book,David Gettman, divided Montessori teaching into the 7 periods- period 1 being the first set of activities. It is pointed out that you need to follow your child’s inclinations. Gettman states in regards to following the 7 time periods strictly: (I love this quote)

You should not lead the child down these corridors, but rather follow closely behind the child, so that whichever direction the child turns, you can reach out and open a door.

Isn’t that beautiful? It reminds me to put the checklist of completed activities away and focus more on what activities my little one is drawn to.
I will take you through 4 of the 7 periods focusing in on 5 of the Montessori subjects. I won’t write everything that Gettman suggests in his book (a little motivation for you to read it for yourself!) Remember that this might not work for you, I am not sure that it will work for me 100%, but it’s a great start in organizing your teaching sequentially.

Period One

  1. Practical Activities- pouring beans between two jugs, opening and closing containers, buttoning, buckling, other simple dressing frames, carrying and laying out floor and table mats, saying please and thank you, carrying a tray, lifting, carrying, and putting down a chair, sitting down and getting up from a chair at a table, climbing up and down stairs, walking on the line, folding, hanging clothes on a hook, brushing hair, dusting
  2. Sensorial- Cylinder blocks, pink tower, box 1 of the color tablets, presentation tray of the geometric cabinet, sensitizing the fingers,touch boards, presentation of Geometric solids, stereognostic bags presentation
  3. Language- Classified pictures exercises, book corner, library
  4. Math- none
  5. Culture- land and water presentation

Period Two

  1. Practical- pouring water from a jug, medium difficulty dressing frames, simple braiding, setting the table, polishing brass- glass surfaces- shoes- or furniture, washing hands, washing cloths, scrubbing a table top, sweeping sawdust, brushing clothes, folding clothes, hanging clothes on a hanger, handling a book, greeting people, kindness to visitors, being silent ( I am confused on this last one!)
  2. Sensorial- advanced cylinder blocks exercises, brown stair, red rods, boxes 2 and 3 of color tablets, more geometric cabinet exercises 1-4, binomial cube, blindfold, tactile tablets, stereognostic bags exercises, sorting grains, sound boxes, preliminary presentation of bells
  3. Language- classified picture exercises 3 and 4, stage 4 of I Spy, single letter sandpaper letters, metal insets, frequent speech questioning
  4. Math- none ( I find this interesting! As I said earlier- this is a guideline…)
  5. Culture- Land and water exercises, first maps, places classified pictures, preliminary work for classification of a leaf.

Period Three

  1. Practical- pouring water from a jug, pouring water through a funnel, difficult dressing frames such a bows and laces, advanced braiding, tying a tie, simple cooking chores, ironing (YIKES!!!), making beds
  2. Sensorial- Geometric Cabinet exercises 5 through 8, constructive triangles, square of pythagoras, trinomial cube, fabrics, thermic bottles, baric tablets, presentation of bells
  3. language- exercise 1 with the double letter sandpaper letters, stages 5 and 6 of I spy, exercise 2 with all sandpaper letters
  4. Math- Number rod exercise 1
  5. Culture- all maps, places picture folders, past and present, stories about the past, air, water, magnetism, classifying animals, classification by leaf, parts of animals, parts of plants

Period Four

  1. Practical- responsibility for certain daily care of environment, helping and advising younger ones in a group
  2. Sensorial- Geometric cabinet exercises 9 and 10, thermic tablets, mystery bag, visual work with blindfolds, bell exercises 1-3, tasting cups, smelling bottles
  3. Language- movable alphabet, writing individual letters, writing families of letters, positioning letters on lines, sandpaper Capitals, box one and two of object boxes, action cards, reading folders exercise 1
  4. Math- number rods exercise 2, sandpaper numbers, number tablets, spindles, numbers and counters, memory play, limited bead material, number cards, function of the decimal system, fractions
  5. Culture- gravity, sound, optics, places artificats

There are 3 more periods… you will just have to read Basic Montessori to learn more! I hope that this gives you some type of a framework when starting Montessori. I would love to learn more about setting up the framework- if you have any other ideas or suggestions I welcome them with open arms!!! 🙂

Post 2 of 8 on Montessori Teaching

March Curriculum Calendar

I loved creating homework calendars for my second graders. Now that I am a mommy, I am having fun making them for my sweetie! It’s a little late, but here is a basic calendar of our activities for the month. We are working on the following themes for the month of March- Dr. Seuss, Animals, St. Patricks Day, Spring is here, and Big and Small. I am planning on going through different subject areas that are important for my daughter to know and creating some type of a curriculum map. I always feel better about my days when they are structured and can find peace in knowing that it’s OK if I she doesn’t know something because eventually I have planned that I will teach it.
It’s important to be careful when planning. Try and be flexible- suprise teaching moments can be the times for the greatest learning. And free play is such a critical part of our child’s growth as a toddler, and so I am very careful that I don’t over schedule the poor dear (although believe me, I could create minute by minute plans for everything!) So here is a basic calendar- print and fill in your own learning ideas!
March Calendar

Here are two fab websites with more creative planning:
An Activity a Day
Teaching Tiny Tots

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