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Magical Tooth Fairy Door

Before my daughter lost her first tooth I knew that I wanted to do something to make this experience magical.  I wasn’t quite sure what I would do until I was browsing instagram and saw Molly Moo’s darling little Fairy Door. It was childhood magic at it’s finest and I knew it was the perfect entrance for our fairy friend.

I ran to Hobby Lobby and found a dollhouse door. After painting it white I put it in an envelope along with a special note from the tooth fairy. I debated having the door just magically show up the night she lost her tooth- but then I decided it was more fun to set up the door together and build up the anticipation of her visit. We decided to set the door on the molding of Boo’s closet. This way, if she happened to change bedrooms, we could easily move the door. And it was out of reach of two mischevious dogs who have been known to be a bit destructive. 🙂 And then, after weeks of hanging loosely in her mouth, the tooth came out. I should mention that Boo actually pulled it out with a little support from her cousin via FaceTime. That night- after reading books from our Tooth Fairy bag and putting the tooth in a special pocket of a tooth pillow I made- the tooth fairy came to visit. When Boo woke up- she was surprised not only by the golden coin left in her tooth pillow but that the Tooth Fairy (lovingly named Sugar Plum) had sparkled her door with fairy glitter. Just part of the magic my friends. Hope this inspires the magic in being a mom!


We love our pink fairy door!



Happy Teaching!

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