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10 Reasons Why We LOVE the Come Follow Me Study Guide by Red Headed Hostess

Sometimes a product comes around that is an answer to prayers, and this Study and Activity Guide just happens to be that for me. As a creative person I find myself with ideas swirling around in my head constantly and I was having a heck of a time organizing them all.

So when I ran across this Study/Activity Guide by the Red Headed Hostess, I KNEW that I needed to try it out.

And I am fortunate enough to have received this product free to review for you guys. And oh my goodness… I am in bible planning HEAVEN. So much so that I wanted to share 10 reasons why I highly recommend purchasing this manual!

  1.  There are TONS of places to take notes. This is important, because the Come Follow Me program will work best as you personalize it to your family’s needs. I know as I was studying week 1, impressions would come to mind on how to teach my little family in a way that would be meaningful to them. If I didn’t have the space to jot those ideas down, they would be forever lost on a sticky note or list somewhere. 

2. I LOVE the family home evening planning spaces each week. As you study the scriptures for the week ideas will come to you. Once you have some ideas written down in your notes in your Come Follow Me Study/ Activity Guide you can easily put those together to create a family home evening plan.

I am going to use little sticky notes to add in our Ancestor of the Week. I feel like connections to Family History are important for our family and this is a simple way to make this happen.

3. The dates are on the pages! So you don’t have to wonder when you are supposed to be teaching this with your family.

4. I love the FEEL of the guide. The cover and pages are a nice quality. And the binding is great because you can fold it in half as you are taking notes… making it easier to write.

5. There are some great additional ideas listed for you to use during your family home evening lessons or daily scripture study. They would also work well during morning devotional time!

6. The Study/Activity Guide works great with our existing materials and activities in our blog. The scripture passports can easily be added with the library pouch in the front of the manual, and all the calendars and organizational ideas work seamlessly as well.

7. I love the uniformity of the planning pages. You know exactly what to expect- 4 pages a week, family home evening planning guide, and places to take notes as you study the scriptures.

8. Because it’s an Activity Guide for the entire year, you can go ahead and jot notes down that you don’t want to forget in advance! For example. I have an inspirational easter egg hunt that I want to do with my family. I wrote it on a sticky note and placed it on the Easter Week FHE planning page. Easy Peasy and now I know I won’t forget!

9. The Study/Activity Guide is a great size. Easy to stick into your church bag so you can take notes while you are waiting for Sacrament Meeting to start. I love the idea of reading through previous weeks during Sacrament Meeting as well- what better way to ponder the importance of the sacrament then rereading your notes on His Life.

10. There are going to be additional resources you can purchase that will go with the Red Headed Hostess’s study/activity guide ! Of course you don’t need the guide to use these resources, but it’s a cool extension option that will soon be available.

I wouldn’t wait any longer if you are on the fence on purchasing one of these books… they would make a great Christmas gift for family members and you can start the New Year off with an organized plan on how using the new Come Follow Me curriculum.

Check out the Red Headed Hostess for more amazing products, too! I will be blogging about her darling lesson journal for kids VERY soon!!

Happy TEACHing!

Come Follow Me: Christmas Gift Idea

With the holidays coming up what better way to share your excitement of the new Come Follow Me curriculum than with a journal gift! It doesn’t have to be expensive and yet it will help your family and friends chronicle their learning of the New Testament as they draw closer to Christ.

Materials needed:


This can be anything from a ruled notebook, sketch book, bullet journal, or binder.


Find a pouch and add journaling supplies like pens, markers, stickers, glue sticks, and scissors.

Don’t forget to print off some journaling pages and scripture passports to get them started on their journey!

Add a cute bow and you are all set!

Merry Christmas and Happy TEACHing!

Come Follow Me: Ideas for Teens

The new Come Follow Me curriculum is meant for everyone! Sometimes we come across ideas online that would work great for families with young children. We wanted to share with you some ways that you can make the Come Follow Me curriculum work for your older children and help them to develop a closer relationship with our Savior.

Click on the image below to download an idea sheet from IvoryBloom to help you navigate this curriculum with your teen. There is a great interest survey on the bottom of this printable to help you understand how to better teach your teen.

As always, listen to the Spirit while planning your lessons. Not every child, no matter the age, will learn the same way. God will help guide you as you prepare to teach your family.

Happy TEACHing!

Come Follow Me: Traveling Through the New Testament

Themes can be a great way to make your bible lessons more engaging and fun. “Traveling through the New Testament” would be a great theme that would work for families of all ages. Check out some ideas from our blog and IvoryBloom!

Prepare your family for this learning adventure by printing out the Scripture Passports.

These passports will be stamped (or stickered) off as passages are read each month.

You can use library card pockets or print your own passport holder

Make sure to chronicle your adventure in your travel journal! This will be your personal guidebook of your journey throughout the New Testament.

Pack your bags! Pack special travel bags with journals/ journal supplies and bibles. Don’t forget some travel treats for your journey. 🙂

Use maps! Print out maps of different New Testament locations. Use google earth to zoom in on what these locations look like today. Click on the image below to visit lds.org where you can download this New Testament map. 

Here is a planning sheet that you can print to help you plan your travels through the New Testament.

Have fun on your travels! Happy TEACHing!

New Year, New Testament: Come Follow Me Kick Off Party

What better way to kick off your study of the New Testament than with a New Years Eve party? New Years Eve just happens to fall on Monday, so it makes a perfect family night activity. Just tweak your festivities a bit to include the New Testament and you are ready to go!

Testimony Time Capsule

Our favorite idea is to create a Testimony Time Capsule with your family. Have each member of your family write their testimony and/or their prior knowledge of the New Testament on a piece of paper. You can also have them write questions of things they want to learn about in the New Testament. Place the papers in a container- I used a shoebox we had laying around- and hide it away until the end of the year. At the end of the year have your family members rewrite their testimonies and/or what they now know about the New Testament. Pull out the time capsule and see how their learning has grown!

Click on the image below to download the free printable!

Countdown to the Bible

If you are crazy like us and *try* and stay up until midnight, add in some fun bible activities throughout the night. Make a paper chain countdown with favorite bible verses to read throughout the night. Put together a puzzle of the Savior. Watch little clips of bible videos while snacking on treats. Wear party hats while reading stories from the New Testament. After setting off confetti poppers talk about how God can make our hearts pop with love as we learn more about Him and follow His example.

Remember to make this a fun experience for your family! Anna at Ivory Bloom and I are both so excited to help your families be more converted to Christ. 🙂

Happy TEACHing and celebrating the bible!

Do a Dot Pages: Religious Style

I have spent a LONG time searching on line for some Sunday-ish fun pages for my soon to be 4 year old daughter. She loves the Do a Dot pages (activity pages used with Dot Markers, bingo marker pens which can be found at the dollar store, stickers, or small circle magnets). I couldn’t find any church related pages so I thought- why not try my hand at making my own? It can’t be too hard, right? Honestly it wasn’t bad at all… and I would love to share with you my creations! And who knows.. I might just make more! 🙂

These would be PERFECT for Sunday quiet activities- including General Conference! Enjoy!

My Faith Monday

Hello!! Welcome to our first official post of the new curriculum designed by Eva and myself! Today is My Faith Monday- a day we focus our tot’s learning on things of a religious nature.

My daughter and I are learning about The Creation this week. I have our “learning” broken into three parts.

  • First, our morning scripture study will be to read the story of the creation found in the bible. (It will take all of 2 minutes maybe???) After breakfast and we are ready for the day, we will continue with the following activities:
Whenever I hear the song of a bird (cup hand to ear)
Or look at the blue, blue sky, (look up, pretending to shade eyes with hand)
Whenever I feel the rain on my face (touch fingertips to face)
Or the wind as it rushes by, (wave hands back and forth)
Whenever I touch a velvet rose (cup hands together)
Or walk by our lilac tree, (use two fingers to “walk” up other arm)
I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world (raise hands in circle above head)
Heavenly Father created for me. (point to self)

After singing the song, we will color a small book on the creation(here or here) and talk a little about how God made the world.

  • When Daddy gets home later Monday night, we are going to do the following activity found on lds.about.com for our Family Home Evening(this is time we spend all together as a family learning):

Explain that the creation of the Earth is recorded in Genesis and place the Number One in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:1-5. Allow children to color one half of the Number One with a black crayon to represent darkness.

Place the Number Two in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:6-8. Have children color the Number Two blue. Next have them glue cotton onto clouds to make them fluffy. Glue clouds onto the Number Two.

Place the Number Three in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:9-13. Have children color the Number Three green. Next have them glue plants, grass, leaves, and small seeds (mustard, celery, poppy) onto it.

Place the Number Four in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:14-19. Have children color half of the Number Four sky blue and the other half black. Color the moon yellow. Have them glue the sun, stars, and moon onto the Number Four.

Place the Number Five in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:20-23. Have children color the top half of the Number Five sky blue and the bottom half dark blue. Glue fish and birds in appropriate spots.

Place the Number Six in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 1:24-31 Have children color the Number Six green. Glue animals on. Have children draw Adam and Eve on seperate paper. Glue them on the top of the Number Six.

Place the Number Seven in front of you. Read and discuss Genesis 2:1-3. Have children color the Number Seven any color they desire and glue Sabbath pictures onto it.

I LOVE this idea with one minor modification based on my Boo’s age:

I am going to place the clipart with the stars, moon, animals, crayons, etc in an envelope titled “Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ made…” I will have my daughter pull out the clipart and we will make a “creation collage”. If we have extra time, we will watch this old school Creation Video online.

There you have it!!! Our first “My Faith Monday” post!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY TO TEACH YOUR LITTLE ONES ABOUT YOUR FAITH??

Happy Teaching and don’t forget to link up!

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