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Numbers & Operations in Base 10: A Common Core Math Series


Our math series continues today with a post on Numbers & Operations in Base 10. The past two days we have discussed  Counting & Cardinality and Operations & Algebraic Thinking. We are making a lot of progress on our way to learn more about the Math Standards included in the Common Core. (Tomorrow’s post will be about Numbers & Operations with Fractions.)

What are Numbers & Operations in Base 10? There are two parts to this standard. The first is a basic understanding of the place value of numerals in any given number. We refer to this as base 10 because each number has 10 times more value than the digit to the right. For example, in the number 24, the 4 is also known as 4 ones while the 2 has 10 times the value consisting of 20 ones. I hope this makes sense! Understanding numbers in Base 10 also consists of skip counting and  comparing two or three digit numbers using greater than, less than, and equals to while looking at the number in the tens or hundreds place.

The second part of this standard- “Operations in Base 10”  has the objective that students will be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide while understanding the place value of each digit and how that affects the answer (hence the word “Operations” in base 10)

When should I start teaching my child Numbers & Operations in Base 10? I would start as soon as they can count to 10. I think the most common way I have seen this modeled in a classroom setting is with straws during calendar time. A teacher will put a straw in a bucket for every day they are in school. Once there are 10 straws, they get bundled together with a rubber band and placed in a separate 10s bucket.

What resources are available to help my child learn Numbers & Operations in Base 10? There are actually lots of resources to teach this concept to your kids. I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised- I was expecting this to be a shorter post due to lack of resources but I am wrong!

For the android customers there are some great apps that include Base 10 Number Grid for Kids and Base 10 Number Blocks.  For the iTunes users there are several as well like Common Core Numbers and Operations in Base 10, Place Value MAB, Montessori Place Value, and Math Bugs (this one looks really cute!)

Here is a list of Numbers & Operations in Base 10 literature that I came up with!

51-M8vOYzRL._SL110_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-sm,TopRight,10,-13_OU01_ 51CC5E0T5BL._SL110_ 61XN4eEbvHL._SL110_ 61T7r-2hQwL._SL110_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-sm,TopRight,10,-13_OU01_41ySvNMyqNL._SL125_51OhjgTx9-L._SL110_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-sm,TopRight,10,-13_OU01_61mGyndMZRL._SL110_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-sm,TopRight,10,-13_OU01_

Here is a list of teacher resources and manipulatives that can help you teach your child place value.

71GFB7TDVXL._SL125_ 51YANIiXc8L._SL125_ 619Cr7tAX+L._SL125_51XyIVs9lFL._SL125_61T0zLMLg4L._SL125_51AamBOzqIL._SL125_ base10rodsbase10Unknowntenframe


We have done a couple activities in the past that can be tweaked to include the math standard Numbers and Operations in Base 10.

Addition Towers with Unifix Cubes: At the time we were just working on very simple addition. To turn this activity into more of an educational place value experience, don’t make the towers with both addends. Take the loose unifix blocks and group them into “ten towers” while finding the sum.


DIY Montessori Number Beads: So this would need lots of tweaking. Choose one color for your beads. Make 10 bead sticks with pipe cleaners with 10 beads on each stick. Or you could spend a gazillion dollars and buy some awesome golden beads from a Montessori store. OK so they aren’t a gazillion dollars but when you can make something similar for free paying ANYTHING just doesn’t make sense.

image DSCN8383

Here are some activities and idea for Numbers & Operations in Base 10 from around the web!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama shared a fun Ten Frames game to do with your kiddos. She has a set you can purchase or you can download some seasonal ten frames. I am putting this activity on my list of things to do with my Boo!

Naturally Educational posted an activity using coins to skip count. Love the idea to use money!

I will be writing another Numbers & Operations post soon- but instead of being Base 10 stuff it will be all about fractions.

Alright- blog post is done which means the laundry must begin! Yay for me?

Happy Teaching!


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