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Cultural Activities- More on Montessori

I started writing a series of posts on Montessori and only recently realized that I had never finished…oops! I was originally going to do separate posts for Science and Culture and I don’t remember why. From what I remember from David Gettman’s book Basic Montessori: Learning Activities for Under-Fives culture includes science (please correct me if I am wrong.. it’s been over a year since I read the book!)

David Gettman suggests the following sequence for teaching culture. Included in the list are some activities that I have found online. Enjoy!
Period One:
Period Two:
Period Three:
Period Four:
Period Five:
  • plant life cycles- online tutorial for kids on the plant life cycle- from seed to dispersal. Youtube also has several different time lapse videos of seeds growing that are pretty cool!
  • time line
Period Six:
  • reading classified cards in geography, nature studies, and history 
  • fact books from the library
Period Seven:
  • definition stages of classified cards in geography, nature studies, and history
  • field nature observation work
You must check out this detailed scope and sequence of geography pdf. It is amazing!
Happy Teaching!
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