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Alphabet Book: Free Printable

A couple years ago I had a Book Themed Baby Shower for my sister in law. I have been getting a lot of people requesting the pdf of the abc baby shower book I made (THANKS!) and thought I would share it with you all in a post.

This is a printable that you can use to make any type of alphabet book- its not just for baby showers! Imagine the possibilities- “The ABC’s of Our Family” with all family members picking a letter (or two) and writing a word that starts with that letter to describe their family. Wouldn’t that be such a fun family night activity? If you are a teacher you could use this pdf to make class books such as “Animal ABCs”, “ABCs of Reading (or Math, Science, any subject!)”, or “26 Reasons Our Class Shines- Our Classroom Alphabet Book”. Seriously the possibilities are endless!

Feel free to download our ABC baby shower book– Enjoy and Happy Teaching!

Our Lego Day PLUS free Lego book template

A couple months ago my daughter and some fun playing and learning with Legos. I thought I would share with you some of our engaging educational activities!

1. Add with legos. Count the circles on top of two 2×2 lego bricks. The answer will fit on top of a flat 2×4 brick! Good hands on addition fun PLUS its easy for kids to visualize that there are multiple ways of getting one sum by just using different sizes of bricks.

2.Alphabatize lego blocks. I put little alphabet stickers on 26 legos and had my daughter make an ABC stick placing the blocks in alphabetical order.

3. Create with legos. We just had fun building dinosaur caves. This was strictly a play activity :).

4. Measure with legos! Make a “ruler” out of lego blocks and run around the house measuring in legos instead of inches.

5. And our last- and my personal favorite- activity was making our own Lego book. I scoured the web for a cute lego template and couldn’t find any. So I made my own :). And I have to say that I kinda like it!

Download the template for our printable book and have fun creating a lego book!

I hope this helps you have fun learning with legos! Happy Teaching!

Mommy & Me Book: Handprint ABCs

I am in LOVE with handprint art. It captures those sweet little hands in a way that simply melts my heart! Since I have become a Pinterest addict, I have pinned a ton of really cute handprint activities and about 9 months ago I thought I should start doing some of them. Yes people- the book that you are about to see took me 9 months to finish. Why? Well let’s just say it got lost in the never ending pile of things to do. 🙂

This is a simple run down: Boo chose the letter she wanted to work on and the object that she wanted to make that started with that letter. Sometimes we looked through my handprint art pinterest board, or websites like Red Ted Art (love her creative ideas!!!!). Other times my daughter came up with original ideas- like y is for yellow jackets. I bought a whole bunch of blank books from Bare Books awhile ago. They are very well made and sturdy, just like a real book. While having a prebound book had its problems (like having to leave the book open while the paint was drying) I am very happy with the final product.

Enjoy! Happy Teaching!!

Mommy & Me Book: "I Can Do Many Things"

I have been HORRIBLE about blogging. Just busy being a mom :). I thought I would share a quick and easy Mommy & Me homemade book that we did a while ago. It showcases some simple things that my daughter can do to keep up her sweet little confident self. It would be fun to take pics of your kiddo doing different activities, like “I can play soccer”, or “I can swim”, etc… I just thought it would be fun to make it more an activity/learning scrapbook this time- next we will try it with photos! I want my Boo to know how amazing I think she is!

Happy Teaching!

More “Don’t Be An Angry Bird” Printables

I have finished the newest “Don’t Be An Angry Bird: Lessons on Anger Management for Kids” printables. There are some new pages to be added to the original printable book. These are not intended to just be worksheets, but as a tool to discuss anger with your children. There are also new posters in black and white and color that I am adding to our wiki.

To download these free files, click HERE. You will be redirected to our site’s wiki where you can download any and all anger management for kids files!

sample page from our “Don’t Be An Angry Bird” printable book for kids

I am in AWE with how quickly this idea is spreading. Thanks so much for your sweet comments- I read every one and am so excited that so many of you are able to help your kiddos understand and deal with their anger.

As always- Happy TEACHing!



Click HERE to download the Angry Bird PDF pages (much easier than using the WIKI!)

Don’t Be An Angry Bird: Free Printables

I have been working on some printables to go with our angry bird/ anger management lesson (read more about it here) and thought I would share them with you all! I am SO thankful for all those that have left comments, sent me emails, and pinned this idea. It means so much to me. I just love it when I can share something that inspires and helps others. In a silly way I feel like a teacher again, with the world as my classroom…. cheesy, I know. But that’s just who I am! 😉
Clicking on the printable book picture will take you to our site’s wiki, where you can download each of the four pages. This is not designed to be a worksheet for a child to fill out on their own. Read the book with your child, and discuss the questions on each of the page. The goal of this book is to help your child UNDERSTAND their anger and learn some appropriate strategies to DEAL with it.


To download the posters, just click on the picture. For a black and white version, or the download isn’t working, check out our Angry Bird page on our site’s wiki. And make sure you read our original Angry Bird post to learn more about each of the angry birds and their role in helping kids understand and deal with their anger.

I hope these help you deal with your little angry birds at home! Don’t forget to comment and let me know how this is working out for you!
Happy Teaching!


Click HERE to download the Angry Bird PDF pages 

my I CAN DO book

Like all parents, I want my daughter to have confidence in herself. I want her to go through life with the attitude that anything is possible and that she can do anything! Unfortunately I have already seen the beginnings of frustration when my Boo realizes that there are things that she can’t do (yet!). Dr. Michele Borba- an author, parenting expert, and educator- has outlined eight tips to cultivate that can-do attitude in our children. Two of those tips- Celebrate the special achievements and efforts and Accentuate the positive tie in directly to that confident attitude I want my three year old to develop…. as well as our latest Mommy & Me made book: My I Can Do Book! And the book is shaped like a can! 🙂
I just finished the template today and would love to share it with you all! Just right click on the image and save to your desktop. Or for larger files, click here for the cover and here for the blank pages. You will only need to print one cover, but print several of the blank pages. I plan on cutting out the can and binding the book on the side.
I hope this book will not only help my kiddo, but your little ones as well!
Happy Teaching!!

Scripture Stories Book: Celebrating the Book of Mormon One Section at a Time

You know that feeling when you finish reading a book and you are left wanting more? You have fallen in love with the characters and have dedicated time in their world. For this reason, as a classroom teacher, I loved to celebrate books we had read. If it was acting out scenes from the book, coming up with games that the characters might have played, or writing and performing a readers theater based on the book. I love celebrating books!

It is no different now that I am a mommy teacher and reading books with my girl!

My daughter and I recently finished 1 Nephi. (For those who don’t know, it is the first book or section of the Book of Mormon.) Some may ask, why not wait and do a celebration when the entire book is finished? It is a big book for a three year old! And, you know, who doesn’t like to celebrate??
I wanted to somehow combine our celebration with documenting all her favorite stories that we had learned about.

I thought a homemade book of all her stories would be perfect!

I plan to divide her book into each of the sections of the Book of Mormon. That way all her favorite stories will stay organized.
Before the stories, I also plan to include a page that shows the important people of that section.

I plan to include details of the story that are significant to my daughter.
Would you like to start making a scripture book for your little one? Create your own pages or you can download the stories we used for 1 Nephi here. Some of the images were found on Living Scriptures website- a great resource that we love!

I also wrote a list of all short role plays that go along with each of her favorite stories:

  • Lehi leaves Jerusalem (packing up a suitcase)
  • brass plates (going to Laban, played by a stuffed animal, and trying to get the plates. Then running away from him. Then going back to get them.)
  • tree of life vision (eating fruit and calling out all the people we want to come eat it with us)
  • travel in wilderness, broken bow, and liahona (walking around with our suitcases, camping out in our play tents, pretend to break a bow while hunting, and finding a round ball outside the tent)
  • build a ship (use a cardboard box and pretend to build a ship. Then pretend that Nephi is tied up while the box boat rocks back and forth until he is untied)

Happy Teaching!

Making Words: Our Latest Mommy Made Book

I haven’t made one of these for awhile. It was SO nice to spend just a few minutes hours making a book for my daughter to practice her three letter words! The process took longer than I had thought- I wanted there to be just the right number of pages for the beginning, middle, and ending letters. Which meant pulling apart the blank flip book (I bought awhile ago from Bare Books) and arranging pages. Then I applied stickers which I promptly ripped off because they were not perfect. And then I started coloring the vowel pages yellow, which I did NOT like, which meant more pulling apart and rearranging of the book….
All for the final result, which I love.

Sure, the little pages are not all the same length, but I am pretty impressed with the outcome. We have had fun reading words with this little flip book, especially the silly words like mab and jum.

It took more time than I thought, but I love making books and instilling the love of reading to my little girl. 🙂

Happy Teaching!
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