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Alphabet Book: Free Printable

A couple years ago I had a Book Themed Baby Shower for my sister in law. I have been getting a lot of people requesting the pdf of the abc baby shower book I made (THANKS!) and thought I would share it with you all in a post.

This is a printable that you can use to make any type of alphabet book- its not just for baby showers! Imagine the possibilities- “The ABC’s of Our Family” with all family members picking a letter (or two) and writing a word that starts with that letter to describe their family. Wouldn’t that be such a fun family night activity? If you are a teacher you could use this pdf to make class books such as “Animal ABCs”, “ABCs of Reading (or Math, Science, any subject!)”, or “26 Reasons Our Class Shines- Our Classroom Alphabet Book”. Seriously the possibilities are endless!

Feel free to download our ABC baby shower book– Enjoy and Happy Teaching!

Mommy & Me Book: Handprint ABCs

I am in LOVE with handprint art. It captures those sweet little hands in a way that simply melts my heart! Since I have become a Pinterest addict, I have pinned a ton of really cute handprint activities and about 9 months ago I thought I should start doing some of them. Yes people- the book that you are about to see took me 9 months to finish. Why? Well let’s just say it got lost in the never ending pile of things to do. 🙂

This is a simple run down: Boo chose the letter she wanted to work on and the object that she wanted to make that started with that letter. Sometimes we looked through my handprint art pinterest board, or websites like Red Ted Art (love her creative ideas!!!!). Other times my daughter came up with original ideas- like y is for yellow jackets. I bought a whole bunch of blank books from Bare Books awhile ago. They are very well made and sturdy, just like a real book. While having a prebound book had its problems (like having to leave the book open while the paint was drying) I am very happy with the final product.

Enjoy! Happy Teaching!!

Quiet Kits: Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Sort

Awhile ago I posted about our Sunday Sorts (sorting folder activity- perfect for quiet kits or just plain educational fun!). These sorts are simple, and only require the cards and a folder. We like these parent/teacher communication folders because of the clear inside and outside pockets!

You can download the cover for our Sunday Sorts HERE.

The first sort was healthy and unhealthy foods. I think I mentioned in that post that my daughter LOVED it. (Click HERE to download that sort!) Something about holding a card and figuring out where it goes….. simple organization at work! 🙂

Our next Sunday Sort is capital and lowercase letters. I have all the letter cards and folder labels available for download HERE (can also be found on our wiki). You can also change it up a bit by sorting vowels and consonants (easy since all the vowels are in red!), letters in name and letters not in name, letters I know and letters I don’t know, etc…. It’s all about becoming familiar with the alphabet!

Happy Sorting and Happy Teaching!

On a completely random note- my husband and I watched the first episode of Walking Dead (well, I actually only watched the very beginning before a near panic attack)…. now I am paranoid of a zombie attack! Augh! Scariest show EVER!!

Vowel Party!

To get my daughter familiar with the vowels, we had a little vowel party! First we played this fun game with the Education Cube letter inserts. 5 sides of the dice were the vowels a,e,i,o and u. The sixth side was a chicken. We rolled the dice. If the dice landed on a vowel,we would say both the long and short sounds. If it landed on the chicken, we did the chicken dance. The chicken dance provided enough silliness to keep my daughter engaged in the activity for a long time.

We also added vowel stickers to our exploration journal, played with the vowel foam letters in the bathtub, and made vowel puppets.

Some things we didn’t do, but would be fun, would be to make letter pretzels with the vowels, and go on a letter hunt for the vowels. There are also some cute videos and online games at star!

My favorite part of our little party was when my daughter told me some of the letters were crying because they wanted to be vowels. My Boo has such a tender heart for her ABC’s!

Alphabet Match-Up Game

Here is a SIMPLE way to get your tot to practice their ABC’s! We play a match up game with alphabet stickers and a bunch of letter pages that were on their way to be recycled. The letter pages would be SO easy to make- they just consist of all 26 capital letters!

We have played various games such as finding the match with capital letter stickers, or match the lowercase sticker with the capital letters. (This activity was a little confusing at first so I had to explain it with terms she understood. “The baby letters had to find their mommies.” Then we were good to go. And I was such a stickler about using proper terminology, too. . . .) My tot needs structure, so here are the steps we followed to play the game:
1. Name the letter on the sticker (I give her one sticker at a time)
2. Name the sound that letter makes
3. Point to the match on the page
4. Place the sticker on the match
I found that if I gave her the sticker first I lost her focus. Anyway, an easy game to make and play!
We have also recently been playing games where I say the sound and she has to hurry and stand on the correct letter on our alphabet rug. This works well with my little bundle of energy!
Happy Teaching!

Alphabet Quiet Kit

My daughter is LOVING the ABC’s. I compiled a few of our different alphabet activities into a quiet kit for church that I thought I would share with you!

When you see the scissors – that indicates an activity or a great website with ideas to download for you to make!

The Basics:
a bag just for Sunday
accordion folder to store each of the activities

Alphabet Quiet Kit

  • alphabet flashcards- we found some for really cheap at a going out of business sale, and I know that dollar stores sell them as well. I also made her set with x-rays for our letter x day.
  • alphabet movement cards– there is a movement activity that goes along with each letter of the alphabet!
  • mini abc books- i found these used for a steal of a deal-i am missing letter k, but i have plans to make my own

  • abc’s of church coloring book- feel free to download here!

Enjoy! Happy Teaching! Please share any other alphabet quite kit ideas! I love learning from you all!!! (Now isn’t that the sign of a true teacher- one who loves learning!!

ABC’s of Church

I just wanted to write a quick post on a coloring book I have been working on for my daughter- It will go in her ABC quiet kit, and since this kit is for church- I thought it fitting to make her the ABC’s of church- ranging from A is for Amen, B is for Bishop to Y is for Yummy treats and Z is for Zipper (zip up those wiggles!)

Here is a PDF that you can download and enjoy! Just click on the A is for Amen coloring page below to download the entire A-Z alphabet book!!

Happy Teaching!!

Alphabet Picnic

We ended our month of ABC learning by having a small little picnic Saturday. It wasn’t much (I of course dreamed of grander things- ABC jello cut outs, alphabet letters hanging from the trees before we got to the park, cute little ABC invitations to our daughter’s playmates, alphabet music playing in the background… DREAM ON!! none of that stuff happened!!!)

Instead, we ate a big bowl of Alpha-bits cereal. My little Boo would happily point out the occasional letter she’d recognize in her bowl. After playing at the park a bit, we played with foam letters (collecting them in a basket while telling Momma what letter it was) and read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Cute story- a little confusing to my daughter though who wasn’t very familiar with the lowercase alphabet.

It was a happy little picnic to culminate a very busy month of ABC learning!

Letter Day Preview- Zz

We made it to the end!!! Wahoo!!!!! I have had a great month and I am so glad that I decided to teach my Boo the letters this way. I feel like I never got bored since the letters were changing daily, and there was always something fun to look forward to doing.
Z day was filled with smiles at the local zoo! Of course we saw zebras!!! But the best part of the zoo was seeing the itty bitty giraffe that was just born yesterday! He was so cute!!!

I printed off a cute Zoo book that we colored. I added this pdf to the Z page on the wiki as well as a zoo checklist and some word wall words.

We also attended an open house for a nearby temple (my husband says it’s Z for Zion!)
Busy day and I am looking forward to our culminating picnic tomorrow.

Happy Teaching and keep on learning!!!

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