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Socialization During Isolation: 10 Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged With Others

Alright guys, this crazy flu season has started. And who knows how long we will be taking important and necessary precautions to keep our families and friends protected from the corona virus.

With that being said, socialization should not be neglected. Social interaction is good for our minds and our souls, ensuring that we are a part of a community of people who care about us.

Can socialization take place during isolation? YES! It may will look differently than large playdates and parties. But it can and should happen!

Here is a list of 10 things that you can do to socialize during isolation

1.Download a video chatting app- Google Hangout, Marco Polo, Skype, and Facetime are just a few of the options available. Check in with family- especially those who are sick, elderly, or anyone who could use a quick video showing that you care!

2. Use that video app to play a board game with friends from the safety of isolation! Everyone playing will need a copy of the board game at their homes, and you or your child will need to move the game markers of their friends. Encourage your child to use good sportsmanship etiquette. 🙂

3. You can also use your video app to read a favorite story; perform a talent; or put on a puppet show for a friend or family member.

4. You can even play toys with friends remotely- just grab your pile of My Little Ponies, Barbies, cars, etc- set up your video app and play from a distance! Kids can still chat with their friends and you can have a few minutes to sanitize the door knobs or wash your face masks. If a video app isn’t an option you can always use your speaker phone!

5. Start a story chain with a friend digitally. Everyone takes a turn adding a sentence to the story. This could be done via video chat, a text thread, or email.

6. Write a Pen Pal! If you don’t know WHO to write, check out the website Pen Pals Schools. They are offering their pen pal site for free during the CoVID Pandemic.

7. Do a 6 foot service project for someone in your family or community… more info and ideas to come in a future post. Get out and serve, just stay 6 feet away from people!

8. Take advantage of phone calls and texting- a simple way to check in with friends. This would be great not only for your kids who miss their friends, but for you as well! And a great way to teach the basics of phone call etiquette.

9. Plan a neighborhood picnic- everyone stays six feet away or eats in their own yard! Of course sharing food isn’t the best option, but it would be fun to yell a cheerful greeting to your neighbors! Your kids could even design their own megaphones for the occasion.

10. sidewalk chalk tic tac toe with a neighbor! Just remember after you make your mark on the driveway to run back at least 6 feet before your neighbor takes their turn.

As always, be safe and Happy TEACHing!

At Home Schoolwork Checklist

For those families stuck at home during the corona virus, you may be getting emails from your child’s teacher about various school assignments that you need to complete. I thought I would share a simple way that you and your child can track those assignments to ensure that everything is getting finished.

Stay safe, and remember that learning can be fun! Break up the monotony of school work by taking breaks between each assignment, or roll dice to see what assignment to do next (my daughter’s favorite).

Happy LEARNing!

Sick Day Ideas

For the next few months my daughter and I have the privilege of spending a lot of time at home. (This is a nice way of saying that due to medical reasons I won’t be able to drive!) I have been preparing lists of ideas of things we can do, and I thought I would share it with others who may be in a similar situation or just need some fun activities to do with your little ones!

  • Puppet show night- gather all your puppets or have fun making some new ones using socks, paper bags, popsicle sticks, etc! Set up a mini theater using blankets and a table. Use the puppets to perform favorite stories, nursery rhymes, scriptures, or make up your own stories! We have done this a few times and it has been so much fun! This is a great literacy activity!
  • Mommy made books- being stuck at home is a great time to finish all those well intended book projects with my daughter… Including books about her favorite baby stories, horses, sports, ballet steps, and maybe even a book created solely by my sweetie!
  • Flashlight fun- most kids love flashlights! And there is so much you can do with them… From playing an easy game of I spy where you give clues and point to objects with the light, to shadow making, and our latest craze- snuggling up in a blanket while holding the light and making up ghost stories. It has been fun so far!
  • Super work- we have neglected our dedicated learning activities and this is a perfect time to get through these… Some ideas include writing her name, more scissor practice, continuing to work with my daughter on her amazing reading skills, those blasted piano lessons I never started, and a whole bunch of mini-lessons on horses, weather, sports, and nature.
  • Play- it is so easy to get caught up in a checklist of things to do, and while i want to teach my daughter everything I possibly can, i do recognize the importance of just playing. That means i will be sitting in the playroom with my daughter for hours and letting our imaginations soar. There will be a time for more structured learning…and to me, that time is a few years down the road. I waited so long to be a mommy that I have to cherish every second I can!
  • Game night- round up all your games for a night of fun! You can have little game stations where you play games and rotate after 5 or 10 minutes. Or if you don’t mind the clean up mix and match game pieces to play new games! (For example, use the numbered uno cards to play Candy Land….and the Candy Land guys to be the markers on a another board game.)
  • Stuffed Animal Spa- Instead of throwing the stuffed animals in your washer, let your child help you bathe them! We did this recently and had a great time. Just pull out a basin or your child’s old baby bathtub, pour in a small amount of laundry detergent, and fill the tub up with water! Now you are ready to go! After bathing them with a white washcloth (to avoid a washcloth’s color to end up on the poor stuffed animal), rinse, and blow dry on the cool setting with a hair dryer.
  • Felt board- Pull out the unused felt board (well, at least in my case!) and let your kiddo have free play with felt pieces. Or sit down together and create new pieces to add to your felt collection!
  • Family read-a-thon- grab your sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, even indoor tents and snuggle up to read! You can all share your favorite stories or just enjoy being close while catching up on some independent reading.
  • Celebrations- Have fun celebrating the smaller holidays that are so often neglected. There is one special day coming up next week: Barbie’s Birthday! And this past week was National Pig Day and Dr. Seuss Day!
  • I hate to admit this last idea, but thank heavens for Netflix. We have loved having movie nights streamed right to our TV without going out to find something to watch. I have heard people complain about the movie selection they have, but I absolutely love the selection they have for our little family.

What are some things you do when you are stuck at home? I would love to hear your ideas!!!

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