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Quiet Kits: Digraphs Sort

Awhile ago I posted about our Sunday Sorts (sorting folder activity- perfect for quiet kits or just plain educational fun!). These sorts are simple, and only require the cards and a folder. We like these parent/teacher communication folders because of the clear inside and outside pockets!

I created this sort on the computer awhile ago- haven’t printed it yet due to low ink – and for that reason I have been putting off this post. So I apologize that there are no darling pictures of my girl playing with these cards…. maybe when I get around to buying ink (it’s so dang expensive!) I will have to update this post!

To download the free sort, click here: Digraph Sorting Folder Cards and Instructions

These cards took a long time and I am hoping that many of you out there in the blogosphere are able to use them!!

Happy Teaching!

Quiet Kits: Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Sort

Awhile ago I posted about our Sunday Sorts (sorting folder activity- perfect for quiet kits or just plain educational fun!). These sorts are simple, and only require the cards and a folder. We like these parent/teacher communication folders because of the clear inside and outside pockets!

You can download the cover for our Sunday Sorts HERE.

The first sort was healthy and unhealthy foods. I think I mentioned in that post that my daughter LOVED it. (Click HERE to download that sort!) Something about holding a card and figuring out where it goes….. simple organization at work! 🙂

Our next Sunday Sort is capital and lowercase letters. I have all the letter cards and folder labels available for download HERE (can also be found on our wiki). You can also change it up a bit by sorting vowels and consonants (easy since all the vowels are in red!), letters in name and letters not in name, letters I know and letters I don’t know, etc…. It’s all about becoming familiar with the alphabet!

Happy Sorting and Happy Teaching!

On a completely random note- my husband and I watched the first episode of Walking Dead (well, I actually only watched the very beginning before a near panic attack)…. now I am paranoid of a zombie attack! Augh! Scariest show EVER!!

General Conference Cubes

Conference cubes- I have learned the best way to engage a child in a learning activity is to speak to their interests. I have a wonderfully energetic and vivacious daughter, and so anything gross motor is FABULOUS.  I thought it would be fun to use our Education Cubes to play an interactive conference dice game. (Check out the Education Cube website- it has been a fun addition to our learning time activities! You can purchase the soft cubes with clear plastic pockets from CP toys ) If you don’t have these cubes, number dice would work- just assign each activity a number.  Some of the activities will engage my daughter in the talk, while others will keep her mind busy on church related activities.

The game is simple: throw the dice to see the activity you will be doing during the next conference talk! You will need six different activities (one for each side of the dice) Here is a list of what we have come up with…

  1. Book basket- thumb through church books, scrapbooks, church magazines, children’s book of mormon, and various church pictures we have on file.
  2. Magna Doodle (or blank notepad)- Listen to the speaker and draw different words or stories that are mentioned in the talk. This could even be used as a pictionary game where the parents draw (if the child is artistically challenged) and the child guesses what is being drawn. (Hmm, this might work as a sacrament activity as long as it is played quietly. I think I will have to try it!)
  3. Church flannel board stories. In my mind I see it all perfectly- the speaker mentions a scripture story, my daughter whips out the corresponding felt story set and does a perfect reenactment of the story alongside the speaker. In all reality, that probably won’t happen. BUT simply playing with church related flannel board stories is an appropriate Sunday activity and definitely realistic. If you don’t have felt church stories, no worries. Chocolate on my Cranium has TONS of free downloads that you can prepare in advance or have the kids color and cut them out while watching conference. 
  4. Try some of the Conference for Kids activities mentioned on SugarDoodle. I especially like the ideas from A Little Tipsy and Mormon Mamma. There are also church related dot-to-dots from My CTR Ring. I am thinking that my daughter can do a conference packet if it is only during one talk. We’ll see.
  5. Do-a Dot pages- these are pages that your kid can stamp using either dot markers or bingo marker pens (found at the dollar store). There are several mini-marker pages and magnet pages that work well for this at Making Learning Fun.  There is also a bible related page on DLTK. I thought I would be brave and attempt my computer graphic skills by making some LDS related dot pages…. this is what I came up with (check out this post for more)
  6. Special treat cup. This wil be just a little tupperware container with fun treats. Conference just wouldn’t be the same without treats. Conference is a time of nourishing both spirit and stomach. 🙂
Other ideas that I have thought about doing:
  • having my daughter jump on our little exercise tramp during one of the talks. It would meet all her energetic requirements, but lacks a little on the reverence scale….
  • pulling out our I Am A Child of God Quiet Kit, but that gets used a lot on Sundays and I want to try something new! 
  • Conference bingo from Latter Day Chatter… darling but maybe something we will try when Boo is just a tad older!
  • favorite quiet board games
  • magnetic letters/shapes
  • a LOT of cute ideas at the Family Home Evening Ideas blog
I hope you and your kiddos have a wonderful time listening to General Conference!
Happy teaching!

Do a Dot Pages: Religious Style

I have spent a LONG time searching on line for some Sunday-ish fun pages for my soon to be 4 year old daughter. She loves the Do a Dot pages (activity pages used with Dot Markers, bingo marker pens which can be found at the dollar store, stickers, or small circle magnets). I couldn’t find any church related pages so I thought- why not try my hand at making my own? It can’t be too hard, right? Honestly it wasn’t bad at all… and I would love to share with you my creations! And who knows.. I might just make more! 🙂

These would be PERFECT for Sunday quiet activities- including General Conference! Enjoy!

Quiet Kits: Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Sort

I have been busy creating some new quiet kits for my almost 4 year old little girl. Our kits have evolved right along with my Boo. As she is getting older and has a longer attention span, I am able to pull more independent activities (versus how am I going to entertain my child so she can actually SIT for 30 minutes!!!)
I saw a great pocket folder set at Really Good Stuff. Like many of you, I can’t spend enough time thumbing through teacher magazines and I can spend plenty of money on teaching supplies! I saw this and knew immediately that I would embark on a DIY version and incorporate that into our latest quiet kits!

The Basics:

  • a pocket folder, I have parent/teacher communication folders that I LOVE (because they have clear plastic pockets.. including a clear pocket on the cover!)
Sunday Sorts: Unhealthy and Healthy Foods

  • Cover… because we all know an educational experience is never complete without looking cute 🙂 

  • Sorting cards and labels. The child sorts the food cards into two categories- healthy and unhealthy. This is simple, can be done as an independent quiet activity for an older child or a teaching activity for a younger child. My darling energetic preschooler will sit and do this sort twice! It’s a winner around here!!
This sort would be a perfect fit for units on nutrition, health, and taking care of our bodies. It can spark conversations on the importance of eating right and the consequences of our food choices.
The images in this sort were mainly found from google images. And the great copyright follower that I am forgot to write down where I grabbed the pics. For that reason I ask that you use this sort (and other sorts to be posted in the future) for home/classroom use only.
I hope this helps your little ones learn more about those healthy food choices!

Alphabet Quiet Kit

My daughter is LOVING the ABC’s. I compiled a few of our different alphabet activities into a quiet kit for church that I thought I would share with you!

When you see the scissors – that indicates an activity or a great website with ideas to download for you to make!

The Basics:
a bag just for Sunday
accordion folder to store each of the activities

Alphabet Quiet Kit

  • alphabet flashcards- we found some for really cheap at a going out of business sale, and I know that dollar stores sell them as well. I also made her set with x-rays for our letter x day.
  • alphabet movement cards– there is a movement activity that goes along with each letter of the alphabet!
  • mini abc books- i found these used for a steal of a deal-i am missing letter k, but i have plans to make my own

  • abc’s of church coloring book- feel free to download here!

Enjoy! Happy Teaching! Please share any other alphabet quite kit ideas! I love learning from you all!!! (Now isn’t that the sign of a true teacher- one who loves learning!!

ABC’s of Church

I just wanted to write a quick post on a coloring book I have been working on for my daughter- It will go in her ABC quiet kit, and since this kit is for church- I thought it fitting to make her the ABC’s of church- ranging from A is for Amen, B is for Bishop to Y is for Yummy treats and Z is for Zipper (zip up those wiggles!)

Here is a PDF that you can download and enjoy! Just click on the A is for Amen coloring page below to download the entire A-Z alphabet book!!

Happy Teaching!!

I am a Child of God~ a Quiet Kit

Our second quiet kit is ready for a special Easter gift. I wanted this one to be more Christ-centered so that although she may not be understanding much during the talks at church, she will still be learning about Him! This will be the quiet kit we will save especially for Sunday whereas the other ones will be used more as learning kits at home. I have done some research online and found some additional activities to add on. And I am sure that as time goes on I will add more, so plan on at least one update post!

When you see the scissors – that indicates an activity or a great website with ideas to download for you to make!

The Basics:
a bag just for Sunday (which I have termed the Jac Pack)
small flannel board
accordion folder to store each of the activities

I am a Child of God Kit
I am a Child of God Coloring Pages/ crayons
This set of coloring pages was designed to teach my little one a little bit about Jesus and going to church. The pages have a blocked letter font and illustrations- many coming from Amy Dott Harmer (check her clipart out on it is adorable!)

Here is a pdf of some of the pages (without the copyrighted clipart) that you can add to your quiet kit or simply have your little one color!

I created a book to the song I am a Child of God by Naomi Randall. I love that song- it teaches such an important and beautiful lesson that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father! I went and bought Greg Olsen‘s book I am a Child of God- it is such a beautifully written and illustrated book. I am also planning on rotating through her other church books, so every week its not always the same.

Here is the pdf of the I am a child of God book for you to make for your little ones!

Felt Stories
I wanted this felt activity to be based on the FAMILY, so I printed some of Amy Dott Harmer’s stick people: mom, dad, babies, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, and a home. This is open ended felt play where she can play with the family interacting with each other.

I also printed Amy’s clipart explaining Heavenly Father’s plan that will be great for Family Home Evening lessons. I found this felt Noah’s Ark story and originally had it in my animals kit but I have moved it here.
And check out this website for several scripture stories with images ready to print to use on your felt board! You can print them off in black and white for the little ones to color as well!! Or attach a magnet for a fridge activity!
I have been staying up late researching some fabulous sites with great ideas and came across a few- unfortunately I don’t remember where I found some of these activities!! I just got “download” happy in the late hours of the night! So if I am posting about one of your ideas, please let me know where I found it so I can give you proper credit.

Remember Jesus Wheel– this is a great way to remember Jesus and different aspects of his ministry. It’s fun for the little ones to spin, too! Just color the pages, cut out the circles, and attach with a brad.

wheel page 1, wheel page 2
Sacrament Book – let’s face it, I love books! This is a cute little book I found online somewhere that the kiddos can put together and color, and then read to remember Jesus.

cover, pages 1-2, pages 3-4, pages 5-6
Sacrament Manners Match Game– print of two sets of these cards from and you have a little memory game about what is appropriate during sacrament meeting.
Sacrament Tray and Pictures of Jesus– this adorable activity that I found at (this week’s Wednesday website) is a great way to connect the sacrament with the life of Jesus Christ.
tray, pictures
Additional Activities to purchase:

And of course, Treats
Treats are what keeps us going… feeling spiritually full doesn’t always mean our tummies are that way, too! Especially if you happen to have church right during lunch!!

This is just a list to start with… I would go through it and see what would work for you and sift it to about 5 activities. Keep the end in mind that we want our children to be able to sit through a talk eventually and too much entertaining might delay that behavior. I will post pics after I am finished putting it all together!
Enjoy!! 🙂
Happy Teaching!

Two Additions to the Animal Quiet Kit

I am having WAY too much fun creating and compiling materials for my quiet kits!! My daughter has loved the Animal Kit so much that we have to do some activity from it every day (mostly the flannel board activity– she is getting really good at animal sounds and recognizes all the animals I have made by name!) Another thing I love about the kit is that all the animal materials are organized in one location. It keeps everything neat and tidy- and with the expandable file folders there is always room for more!

The two latest additions:

memory game
Using the same clipart from her flannel board and lacing cards I whipped out some cards (2 of each animal) to play different games. The game we are working on is “Find the Match” where the cards are all face up and you find the two cards that match… easy as that! Eventually we can work up to playing Memory with the cards face down! But for now she loves it! I added a few new animals to this game and she gets a kick out of them- it’s amazing to me how their little minds just soak up learning!

big/small cards
When I mapped out Jackie’s curriculum for the month I knew I wanted to work on Big and Small. I thought a great transitional activity would be to make big and small animal cards… since I had already created animal cards it didn’t take me very long. I have kept this activity very simple- I will show my daughter the 2 dog cards and have her point out the big dog.

I am excited to work on the I Am A Child of God Quiet Kit… I am planning on having it ready as a special Easter gift for my special little girl!

All About Animals~ our first Quiet Kit

I have been working on our very first quiet kit in hopes that we can actually make it through church tomorrow! My vision with these kits is to not only keep my daughter busy during what can seem like an endless sacrament meeting but to educate her as well. I am planning on making a church themed kit that I hope to use most often at church-but for this first kit it will be All About Animals! I have some old accordion file folders that I used for reading groups that I think will work just perfectly to hold all the materials.

The Basics:
a bag just for Sunday (which I have termed the Jac Pack)
small flannel board
accordion folder to store each of the activities

All About Animals Kit

Animal Coloring Pages/ crayons
I know this is scary for the little ones at church- just be sure to monitor this activity! Coloring is always a great fine motor skill to work on. I printed some pages with some darling DJ Inkers animals and wrote some simple sentences. What can I say- I am a teacher at heart and love to find ways to integrate literacy!

Animal Lacing Cards
I printed my own from DJ Inkers Clipart- but there are some available as downloads here or can be purchased here (Eric Carle) or here. This might be a mommy/daughter activity at first until she grasps the concept of lacing.

You can make your own with clipart or there are some available here.

I made a very simple Old MacDonald Had A Farm book to go with the kit, but there are several excellent books on animals that you could use as well. My recommendation would be to add books from a variety of genres (fiction, non-fiction, fables, etc) and that specifically will interest your child (my daughter loves cats, bears, and monkeys so these would be great books to add to her kit)

Felt Stories
I have gotten great use out of my clipart this week! I created a Mr Brown Can Moo felt activity (it is inspired by the Dr Seuss book) and my little one LOVES it! I am going to throw that story into her kit for church, but there are other stories that are available to download here. You can take any story that your child likes, print clipart that goes along with it, and add felt or sandpaper to the back of the pics. As your children get older they can retell stories using the felt pieces or simply create new ones! I also have a Noah’s Ark kit I found at King’s (thanks Shae for the recommendation) that I might add when she’s a bit older… the pieces are pretty small. Another nice thing about felt is that its QUIET.

So puppets might not be the quietest activity for church. Especially if your child is like mine and loves to talk to the puppet! But they can really foster that love for story telling and good literature… so my recommendation, if you choose to use them- is to use the puppets for a purpose! Gather a set of puppets that goes along with a familiar story or make puppets of the family. You could also use the puppets in a Family Night to discuss sitting reverently and how to behave while at church.

I Spy Bottles
Add small plastic animals and rice to a wide mouth bottle and you’re set! For more explicit directions and ideas follow this link.

Tracing Cards
This is a bit advanced for my little sweetie, but eventually this would be a great activity to add to the kit. You can find tracing cards to print and laminate here for prewriters and for those little ones learning to write their letters. You will also need a dry erase marker (this is a parent monitored activity- a little too scary for me at church! but it might work for you!) and a small cloth to erase.

And of course, Treats
Treats can be a lifesaver at times! My vision with this kit was to add animal crackers…. seeing as its almost midnight and there are none to be found at home I will add something more practical, but you could really be creative and healthy with the food you add to your kit! Just be sure to empty out the old (if there’s any) and refill each week!

This is just a list to start with… I would go through it and see what would work for you and sift it to about 5 activities. Keep the end in mind that we want our children to be able to sit through a talk eventually and too much entertaining might delay that behavior. I will post pics after I am finished printing, laminating, and cutting! And if you have any fabulous ideas, let me know and I will post them!
Enjoy!! 🙂

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