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Fall Bucket/Tree List

Just a quick post to show you our fall bucket list this year. I thought it would be fun to have our list on the wall so I could see all our activities. I like the idea of randomly pulling out a popsicle stick but I am too much of a planner to leave our day up to chance. ūüôā

And when we complete an activity- my daughter can take the leaf off the tree and place it in a bucket! Just imagine all the teacher-ish questions I can ask her..”We just took three leaves down. How many leaves are left?” or “Are the number of leaves that are still on the tree greater or less than the number of leaves in the bucket?” and then there are all the science applications of why real leaves change color and fall… oh the educational opportunities excite my soul!

We can see our bucket list leaves falling just like the real leaves outside! And when fall is over-we can reuse the tree for our winter/spring//summer bucket lists. I just love this!!

Our tree is in our craft/school room

Happy Teaching!

Fall Bucket List

It’s time for fall! YAY! I love everything about this time of year and wanted to make sure we accomplished everything fun fall related- so we created a Spooky Pail List! I am excited to share our ideas!!

Yellow and Orange popsicle sticks in a festive Halloween pail

Just like our summer bucket list, I color coded our activities. I decided to keep it simple- completing our summer list got to be a bit of a chore- and while we didn’t complete it we still managed to do about 100 activities! It was WAY too intense. This is what I came up with- and yes, I only used fall colored popsicle sticks which I purchased at the Dollar Tree (that store is my one true weakness).

Yellow Popsicle Sticks (food and treat ideas)
fall cookies
pumpkin pie milkshakewe had this last year and it was SO good- even my husband who hates pumpkiny food liked it!
bake pies
caramel apples

other Yellow ideas that we MIGHT do:
homemade chili
homemade bread bowls
caramel apple cider
plus 50 more fall treat ideasthey look SO good!

Orange Popsicle sticks (activities)
nature walk/ hike
corn maze
pumpkin patch
hay ride
football game
apple orchard
city’s annual pumpkin walk
play in a leaf pile- and take pictures
“boo” our neighbors (so if you happen to be my neighbor and you are reading this- kindly disregard what I just wrote)
leaf art
decorate a pumpkin
scary movie
13 Days of Halloween countdown
Mummy on the Move

other Orange ideas that we might do:
spider ring hair
sprouting pumpkin seeds inside a pumpkin

We are going to be adding Brown Popsicle sticks to our container in November- these will be our Thanksgiving related activities.
Here are some ideas:
thankful rolls
thanksgiving countdown activity for kids- looks super cute!
little turkey cookies
yarn ball thankful turkey

Hope you all have a wonderful fall! Happy Teaching!

Our Fall Apothecary Jars

I love this time of year! I decorated my apothecary jars with some fun fall items- this is a wonderful way to display all those autumn treasures you and your child find on walks! I have to be honest… my items were all found at craft stores… BUT ¬†I love the thought of a happy mother/daughter harvest nature walk versus walking up and down the aisle with a screaming child at Michaels! ūüôā

Happy Holidays!

Candy Corn (13 Days of Halloween Ideas)

I decided to do a fun Halloween countdown with my daughter (read more about it¬†HERE). While we aren’t starting quite yet, I wanted to compile all my ideas by October 18th so I am ready to go. Each day has it’s own Halloween theme. Enjoy!

Our thirteenth (and last!)  theme for our 13 day countdown is candy corn. Here are some of the fun ideas I have found (sorted by category). And while I will only have time to do two or three of these ideas, I wanted to include everything I found that was noteworthy. There are SO many fun candy corn ideas!! Many of these were found on Pinterest (i just LOVE this site!) and some I have found through google searches.

Service Project¬†(Same concept as 12 days of Christmas…but with a Halloween twist!)
  • Make one of the MANY candy corn treat ideas to share with a neighbor/friend
  • Take a friend to a corn maze
  • Help neighbors with their gardens
Julius’s Candy Corn Good, simple book about candy corn. Can easily integrate counting ideas with this book. (Check out Primary School@ Suite 101 for a post about using this book to teach math)¬†
Learning Time Fun
Candy Corn Wonderland (I have a feeling this would be a great site to visit if you like candy corn! Ha!) shares some ideas for using these candies to help teach math.

First School has a page dedicated to candy corn ideas… the handwriting pages are always helpful!

Mrs. Freshwater’s Class has a cute candy corn numbers download. Darling!

Creative and Curious Kids shared some great math activities centered around candy corn. I love her ideas with estimation, addition and subtraction, sorting, and patterns. (OK, I love ALL the ideas.)

The Activity Idea Place has some great ideas for preschoolers centered around candy corns. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the site- the ideas are fantastic!

Treats & Eats
Food Family Finds posted this very sweet idea of candy corn marshmallow pops. So cute!

Taste and Tell shared a recipe for candy corn fudge… it sounds delicious!

How yummy do these candy corn sugar cookies look? Great idea from Kathie Cooks.

Kitchen Daily posted her recipe for candy corn jello. Step aside green jello, you have some competition.

Parents shared this healthy vegetable snack in a healthy candy corn display.

The Curvy Carrot posted this fun way to frost cupcakes.

I Heart Cuppycakes shared her candy corn cupcake recipe.

Sharon Bower’s posted this recipe for candy corn pizza on the¬†Oprah¬†site.

Serious Eats posted this recipe to make homemade candy corn- I had no idea this was even a possibility!

I love this candy corn pudding idea from Paper Jewels. It looks delicious!

Our Best Bites (amazing site!!) has a recipe and step-by-step directions for these delectable candy corn cupcakes.

Just looking at these homemade butterfingers with candy corn from In Katrina’s Kitchen is making me hungry. Mmmmmm……

I love this candy corn cheesecake from Wilton. You do need a checkerboard cake pan (must put this on my wish list!)

I LOVE this idea for Rice Krispies candy corn treats from Lick the Bowl Good. Man, I am officially starving and will need to take a snack break!

Arts & Crafts
Better Homes and Gardens shared this fun idea of making a candy corn garland- would be a fun craft for kids!

Visit the Teacher Wife to learn how to make a darling candy corn art project.

How cute are these candy corn treat holders from Skip to My Lou? Her site has a great tutorial to make these!

Better Homes and Gardens shared this fun way to paint your pumpkins to look like candy corns. Simple, but I love it!

DLTK has a printable candy corn man art project- I think it would be fun to use this idea, but without the template (it would make for more original art!)

Make some of these fabulous candy corn cones (image and tutorial found at Zakka Life) using old orange soccer cones. Have your kiddos run around the cones or come up with simple relays to add some gross motor activities to the Halloween season! Love it! (Also check out her cute knit candy corns– perfect for a play kitchen!)

Fingerplays and Songs 
I was left to my own creative juices to come up with this fingerplay about candy corn. 

Candy Corn
Candy corn looks like this (put fingers together like a triangle)
and is very good to eat, (rub your tummy)
I like to taste it right away (pretend to eat)
It’s my very favorite treat! (put hand on heart)

An entire book dedicated to Candy Corn poems from James Stevenson. Wow.

Happy Haunting!

Pumpkin Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

I recently learned that you can use candy corn (and a little butter) to make popcorn balls (Thanks Shirley).

I also saw this recipe for pumpkin shaped popcorn balls from Bee in our Bonnet (spotted this one on Pinterest!) that are super cute.

So I thought… what the heck? Why not combine them into one glorious treat? And so I did! And they are SCRUMPTIOUS! And besides the taste- the ingredients for this recipe will appease all you budget minded people out there!


marshmallows and butter not pictured….

1 9 oz. bag of candy corn (bought at the dollar store)
1 bag of microwavable popcorn (we didn’t have any popcorn¬†kernels- or we would have gone the homemade route!)
Butter (about 4 tablespoons)
Handful of mini marshmallows
Tootsie Rolls (bought at the dollar store)
1 Green Apple Airhead Candy

Make the popcorn. Place popcorn in bowl and toss in a handful of candy corn.

Over medium heat, melt butter and the rest of the candy corn. Stir constantly!

Pour the hot (I have to add that adjective because I kept burning myself!) melted candy corn over popcorn.

It was at this point when I realized I needed a little more STICKINESS. So I ran back to the stove and melted a handful of marshmallows with 2 tablespoons butter. I quickly then poured that mixture on top of the popcorn/candy corn. (It might be easier to just melt the marshmallows and candy corn together at the beginning … but I am not a chef and I don’t know if that would completely mess up the entire recipe!)

Carefully (because of the heat) form popcorn into balls.

My hands were getting burnt at this stage so there are no pictures…

Form several leaves from the Airhead Candy (I threw mine into the microwave for 5 seconds to soften it).

Place candy leaves and unwrapped tootsie rolls on top of your popcorn balls to complete your pumpkin look!

Can you spot that large chewy candy corn inside the popcorn ball? Biting into those pieces gave it an extra sweet taste!

Some of the popcorn balls got a “spray tan” with orange food color mist. It was a nice touch, but not necessary!

These were simple, fast, and purely delicious.

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