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Heart Rock Collections

Save those Valentine Heart boxes…. they make super cute rock collection boxes. Because we LOVE rocks!!!

Boo loved examining my rock collection, especially since I let her keep a few.  By the way that entire crate on the right is full of rocks.

Now she is looking over her own collection. These Valentine boxes are the perfect size for those small specimens!

So for all you that love rocks like we do, then this is the project for you! 🙂
Happy Teaching!

Valentine Traditions: New and Old

Happy Valentines Day! I wanted to jot down a few of our traditions (maybe I will inspire someone out there… but, truth be told, it’s mostly for me to remember what I am supposed to do tomorrow!) Oh, and the pictures are all from last year. In case you were wondering 🙂

  • The night before Valentines, secretly heart attack hubby’s laptop bag and Boo’s room. I like to write geeky math/science valentines for the hubs like ” I am COMPLEX, but our love is REAL” (based on complex and real numbers) and “Forget hydrogen! You’re my #1 element!”. 
  • Pink heart shaped pancakes
  • Snacks in a heart shaped muffin tin.
  • Valentine Tea (this is a new tradition) with heart shaped hotdogs, sandwiches, valentine cookies and punch, and chocolate covered strawberries
  • My made up story called “Heartsie the Fairy and the Grumpy Old Troll”. It went something to the effect that Heartsie wanted to deliver hearts to everyone but the troll didn’t want her to. So Heartsie came up with a day that EVERYONE could deliver hearts. That day is known as Valentines day. A bit cheezy, but Boo loves it! Heartsie comes and delivers hearts to our family (aka a room full of paper hearts). I have my paper hearts cut and ready to spread around the front room!
  • Charlie Brown Valentine movie
  • Valentine baskets with little treats
  • Treats like heart shaped pretzels and cheesecake

Making family traditions is one of my favorite things to do as a mom!
Happy Valentines Day!

Last Minute Valentine Card Ideas

My daughter and I spent the evening making some easy Valentines for family and friends. I thought I would share the ideas with you!

 A fun way to showcase your child’s artistic abilities! Trace your child on large butcher paper. I saved all my packing paper from online Christmas shopping- it works perfectly. After cutting out the body shape, have your child draw themselves! It was fun enough for my anti-arts-and-crafts daughter to do. After she was done coloring, I folded up the body and wrote this message:
From the top of my head all the way to my toes I ♥ you!
Found this on Pinterest from Brown Paper Packages: Simply have your child make thumbprints (I used a pink stamp pad). Turn the thumbprints into little people and write “Thumb-body loves you“.
I loved this idea I saw on Pinterest and now for the life of me I can’t find where I pinned it…. that’s what happens when you have 2000+ pins! It’s a handprint hug card. Trace your child’s hands and cut. Cut construction paper (or a bright green party streamer- you use what you have on hand!) the length of your child’s arm span. Tape hands and streamer together and you have an instant paper hug. On the top hand I wrote “I love you…” and on the streamer “this much!“This is a perfect card for grandparents that live far away!

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Teaching!

M&M Patterns

My daughter and I made some simple patterns today with our Valentine M&Ms. I was worried about them rolling all over the place when the idea came to me to put them in our corn on the cob dishes (from the Dollar Tree- I am addicted to that store and might need some intervention!) It’s a simple solution that I thought I would share!

And when the pattern is finished, the candy is already in a dish that holds just the right amount of chocolate that my little ball of energy should be eating.
Happy Teaching!

Date Night Kits

Let’s face it-my life revolves around my daughter and I love it. Poor hubby has been left in the shadows!  I made him some date night kits for Christmas to help build our relationship.♥
Each themed date night is organized in a manilla envelope with a card of instructions and some of the materials needed. There is also an extra envelope that holds additional ideas for dates on strips of paper.

Here is a list of our themes and a brief summary. Click on the theme to download the date night card. Each date night card has a list of materials needed, the plan for the evening, and an “additional ideas” section to further extend your date.  I created these just for our little family, so you will see some references to my daughter.

Prehistoric Date: Completely inspired from my dinosaur loving daughter- this date takes place at the dinosaur park while afterwards eating a spaghetti dinner sans utensils. And no computers/cell phones/ anything electronic during the date. Can we do it?
Service Date: Service brings people closer together, so why not incorporate it into the date night experience? This date centers around donating our talents, material items, and time to others. FYI: one of the additional items is to do the Kmart layaway challenge. This is inspired from this story, where anonymous donors are paying other people’s layaway accounts- especially toys and clothes purchased for impoverished parents. Incredible, right?
Play Date: Unsure of what this date is about? Pretending to be a kid again! Playing games like tic tac toe, MASH, jump rope, hopscotch, and hide and seek.  The menu for this date: peanut butter sandwiches or macaroni and cheese.
Random Date: This date is driven by chance. (hmmm- does that make sense? I shouldn’t be posting after midnight! Geez!) Flipping a coin, rolling a dice, and using a colored spinner will decide the outfits/restaurant/dessert for the evening.
Blind Date: No, this is not a date with someone you don’t know… it’s a date in the dark! Choosing an outfit, eating dinner, and decorating cookies needs to be done while blindfolded.
80s Date: Inspired from our childhood… blizzards, pizza, and a good 80s movie.
Digital Date: This is the date I am most excited about- not because it will be the most fun, but it is TOTALLY something my geeky hubby will enjoy. And I do blog, so therefore I myself am somewhat geeky :).  This date is a nerdy movie/pizza/video game night with a twist. No talking. Only texting. Unlimited texting may be a requirement for this date- especially if you decide to play go fish or another game!
Night Under the Stars: Great time to learn about the phases of the moon and constellations! This will be a spring/summer date spending the night under the stars roasting marshmallows and gazing at the sky. And maybe even pitch the tent out in the backyard.
Musical Date: Oh, the sweet sounds of music! The plan is to play Name that Tune with the iPad AND live performances using kazoos. This is a perfect time to watch a musical and sing along. 🙂
Game Night: Not your typical game night…. take a variety of board games, mix them all together, and create new games. I thought it might be fun to watch old game show clips on Youtube, too 🙂 The avid gamers might enjoy this challenge: try and play at least one game from these categories: card game, board game, dice game, word game, children’s game, and brain game.
Color Date: This would be the artistic date. We plan on playing the skittles game (similar to the M&M game) because of all the colors (hence the theme name) and creating works of art for each other.
Class Act: The teacher in me just HAD to do a scholastic date! Sharpen your pencils, because a written exam is involved…as well as making carmel apples. Yummers!
Mission Impossible: This theme is centered around things we love about our church missions. We both served in Toronto, so it is pretty much a Canadian date with doughnuts, hockey, and reading through our old mission journals. I didn’t include the date night card here because everyone’s missions are different, and not everyone has served a mission… but if you are interested in seeing a copy of this date night card email me and I will gladly send a copy your way!

Have a fun Valentines Day! Enjoy!

Valentine Mailboxes

Valentines Day is coming up! Yes, I am excited!!! And not because I am expecting flowers or chocolate (although hubby if you are reading this post I would love them!) I absolutely love celebrating the holidays with children. There are so many fun ideas and creative projects that are out there (thank you Pinterest), and I delight in seeing the excitement in my daughter’s eyes.

We have LOTS of Valentines plans this year. One of the new traditions we are starting is sending each other love notes throughout the month of February. I found these cute mailboxes in the dollar section at Target and I already had the pink mailbox letters.

Although the letters have a sticky back, I added a little krazy glue to ensure they would stay. So far so good….

I put the finished mailboxes on some candlestick holders. I think they turned out really cute and I am excited to start using them! And the entire project cost me three bucks- while the messages that will be left inside of them will be priceless 🙂 
Cheesy, I know.
Happy Valentines Day!

Dollar Store Valentine Handprint Plate

I am really excited for Valentines Day! My daughter and I recently made a handprint heart plate. It is super easy, cheap, and I think it looks pretty darn cute!


  • red paint
  • white paper
  • pink tissue paper squares
  • glass plate from the dollar store
  • modpodge/ foam brush

Using red paint, have your child stamp their handprints in a heart shape. Then cut out the paper in the shape of a heart.

Turn the plate over (so the back is facing you). Put the heart facedown on the back of the plate. Then modpodge it on until the heart sticks to the plate.

Modpodge the tissue paper squares on to the back of the plate to fill in the gaps. Be careful not to rip or tear the tissue paper during this process.

After the plate was covered in tissue paper squares, I modpodged a paper on the back of the heart that has my daughter’s name and age.

Follow my handprint art board on Pinterest for more ideas:
It is always so fun to craft with my Boo and make something that will always remind me of her. 🙂
Happy Teaching!

Valentine Apothecary Jars

I had to do a quick post on our Valentine Apothecary jars. You can read more about them here. Despite the fact that it is still the middle of January, I was antsy to decorate with hearts! And all the items I used to fill the jars was purchased at the dollar store. 🙂 I bought conversation hearts, cherry gummy hearts (YUM), and little plastic heart boxes. Oh and the ribbon was from the dollar store, too! Yay for a good deal!

I just love how they look all snuggled in my mantle nook.

Do you see those red mailboxes on the right? They are our next family craft project- I will have to post more about that when we are done!

For more ideas on how to decorate apothecary jars, click on the pic below to go to my Pinterest board dedicated to this subject.

Happy Teaching!

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