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Fall Bucket List

It’s time for fall! YAY! I love everything about this time of year and wanted to make sure we accomplished everything fun fall related- so we created a Spooky Pail List! I am excited to share our ideas!!

Yellow and Orange popsicle sticks in a festive Halloween pail

Just like our summer bucket list, I color coded our activities. I decided to keep it simple- completing our summer list got to be a bit of a chore- and while we didn’t complete it we still managed to do about 100 activities! It was WAY too intense. This is what I came up with- and yes, I only used fall colored popsicle sticks which I purchased at the Dollar Tree (that store is my one true weakness).

Yellow Popsicle Sticks (food and treat ideas)
fall cookies
pumpkin pie milkshakewe had this last year and it was SO good- even my husband who hates pumpkiny food liked it!
bake pies
caramel apples

other Yellow ideas that we MIGHT do:
homemade chili
homemade bread bowls
caramel apple cider
plus 50 more fall treat ideasthey look SO good!

Orange Popsicle sticks (activities)
nature walk/ hike
corn maze
pumpkin patch
hay ride
football game
apple orchard
city’s annual pumpkin walk
play in a leaf pile- and take pictures
“boo” our neighbors (so if you happen to be my neighbor and you are reading this- kindly disregard what I just wrote)
leaf art
decorate a pumpkin
scary movie
13 Days of Halloween countdown
Mummy on the Move

other Orange ideas that we might do:
spider ring hair
sprouting pumpkin seeds inside a pumpkin

We are going to be adding Brown Popsicle sticks to our container in November- these will be our Thanksgiving related activities.
Here are some ideas:
thankful rolls
thanksgiving countdown activity for kids- looks super cute!
little turkey cookies
yarn ball thankful turkey

Hope you all have a wonderful fall! Happy Teaching!

Dollar Store Turkey Handprint Plate

I LOVE the dollar store. Sadly, it is probably my favorite place to shop. I am a sucker for a good deal! I wanted to make a Thanksgiving craft with my daughter, and this is what we came up with:

This was so easy and inexpensive to make!

  • Dollar store glass plate
  • Colored paper (I used construction paper without thinking about the fade factor- if I were to do this over, I would definitely use scrapbook paper!)
  • Tissue paper cut into small squares (I happened to use an old sewing paper, but any tissue paper will work!)
  • Mod Podge 
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors 
1. First, trace your child’s hand on 5 different papers. These will be the turkey’s feathers.

 2. Cut out a brown oval, orange triangle, and white and black circles for the turkey’s body. And cut a red squigly shape for the wattle (is this the right word?) Wattle not shown in picture- I forgot about it until a later step :). Glue the face together.

 3. Your turkey parts are complete! Glue the little guy together. Wattle shown.

4. Now for the fun Mod Podge part. I am seriously impaired when it comes to this gluey stuff! Turn the plate over so you are working on the back. Flip the turkey over and place on the plate. Mod Podge like crazy to get the turkey to stick to the plate. 
Once the turkey is on, add your tissue paper squares to fill in the gaps. I would add a layer of Mod Podge, then stick on the tissue paper.
My mind is spinning with the possibilities of plate projects- you could make one for every holiday using different handprint art. These would be fabulous christmas presents for the grandparents! Heck, I even like them for myself!
Happy crafting with your kiddos!

The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything

This scarecrow story is becoming one of our family’s favorites! For those unfamiliar with the book… a little old lady is returning home only to find parts of a scarecrow following her! It’s darling! One of my favorite sites, Making Learning Fun, has a whole section on teaching ideas for this fun Halloween story. We especially like the story figures which work great for flannel boards or as a retelling tool. (The word tool sounds so workish!)

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of other great scarecrow activities!
Happy Teaching! And YAY for Fall!

My Favorite Things

I watched a little of Oprah’s favorite things this afternoon. I have to admit that I was a tiny bit jealous of some of those amazing gifts! As my mind was thinking about how fun it would be to have been a part of that lucky studio audience, I had a thought.
I was once part of an audience where a selfless young woman gave me my most favorite and treasured gift. The location was a small room. The audience consisted of seven people, including my husband and I. The gift, given by the sweetest and kindest of earthly angels, was my daughter. Without the love and sacrifice of our birthmother, I would not be the mommy I am today. I would not feel the deep JOY that I know now. I am so immensely thankful for this gift.
Top that off with my sweet husband and I KNOW that I am greatly blessed.
No plane ticket to Chicago required.

happy thanksgiving 🙂

Two Thanksgiving Painting Activities

I love painting! (minus the set up and clean up!) Last week we did a couple of Thanksgiving painting activities. My daughter painted a turkey and a vegetable/fruit wreath. I love that she loves to paint- especially since she has very little interest in other art activities. I just wish it was more accesible!
Here are some pics of the painting:
Two painting tips: Use a paintbrush that is the same color for each of the paints you will be using. This will help your child to remember which brush goes with each color. I also love using old tin foil muffin tins for painting trays- it keeps the paint so nice and organized! (Until the paint mixing begins- and then its all a mess!!!)

Putting the turkey together…

Our wreath of food! After making this my daughter told me it sure made her hungry! 🙂
I would be happy to share one or both of the Thanksgiving files with anyone who is interested- just leave a commet and let me know your email!
Happy Teaching and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tumbling Tuesday- Thanksgiving Dances

This is a MUST HAVE activity for anyone with an active, dancing toddler! I was thrilled to come across some thanksgiving related dance moves at PE Central and although it says this activity is for grades K-2, my 2 year old had a blast! With older kids they can name off the food groups while dancing. (2 year old isn’t quite ready for that yet!)

Here are the dance moves:

MASHED POTATOES: The Mashed Potato Dance (fists closed, arms extended out in front, alternating up and down movement.) This exercises the upper body and potatoes are in the vegetable group.
TURKEY: Flap wings and gobble like a turkey while running carefully throughout the gym. This is an aerobic exercise and turkey is in the meat group.
APPLE PIE: Students roll like a ball (apple) towards the center of the floor and sit together closely like apples in a pie. Rolling needs flexibility and body management. Apples are in the fruit group.
CRANBERRIES: Students stomp on the floor on the cranberries to mash and puree the berries. This exercises the leg muscles and cranberries are in the fruit group and full of antioxidants.
GREEN BEANS: Students walk around the gym on their tippy toes, arms extended upward, attempting to look long and tall. This exercise helps flexibility, balance and body awareness. Green beans are in the vegetable group.
THANKSGIVING: Students walk around the gym shaking hands and giving appropriate compliments to their classmates. This is a way to show proper social skills.
I created some activity cards that went along with each dance. As I was teaching my daughter the moves, I would show her the card first. After we learned all the dances, she picked a card and then we would do the corresponding dance. She loved the turkey but absolutely hated the apple pie (doesn’t like rolling on the ground). Feel free to download- just click on the pic and save it to your desktop!
Happy Tumbling and Teaching!

Setting the Table Can be FUN!!!

One of the fun little spontaneous learning activities that my Boo and I have done is to learn how to properly set the table. I found this cute Thanksgiving printable of Max and Ruby on Nick Jr‘s website. After printing it off, I stuck it in a sheet protector for extra durability and protection. I placed it in front of my daughter during one of our little “dinners” with her play food- showed her how to properly place the utensils and dishes in the correct places, and then let her try.

She got it immediately! She LOVED doing this activity over and over (as most of our toddlers do). I then transferred this play activity to setting the table upstairs at the dinner table. My little one still needs the assistance of the mat, and I am SO glad I stuck it in the sheet protector because she has already spilled on it! As you can see from this picture, she is using a plastic knife and a play plate at the table because she doesn’t have a real knife (do they make toddler knives?) and her real plate was too big for the mat. Other than that, this was a real fun learning activity!

Happy Teaching!

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