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Nativity Dice

Part of my church responsibilities include working with a great group of 8-10 year old girls. I thought it would be fun to teach them about the nativity, and originally was going to make a nativity ornament with them- when I thought it would be more fun (OK, easier and less messy) to make nativity dice with them!

The objective of this activity is to teach about the different characters of the nativity. I wanted to see the girls dive into their scriptures to learn more about who these people were. I also wanted a project that my girls could take home and do with their families. So this activity seemed perfect!

6 images of different Nativity characters
foam cube (I saw these at Michaels for five dollars, but they are only a buck at the Dollar Tree!)
glue sticks/ hot glue/ scissors

How to make the Nativity Dice:

  1. Trace one side of the foam cube on the cardstock. Cut out square and use this as a pattern to cut out 5 more squares. Hot glue cardstock on foam cube.
  2. Cut out nativity characters and glue one on each side of the foam cube.

That’s it! Unless you want to embellish. I kept mine simple.

How to play the Nativity Dice Game:

  1. Roll the dice.
  2. Name the character and describe the role they play in the nativity.
You may also want to do one of the following:
  • Research this person in the bible.
  • Share any connections you may have with this person.
  • Share any questions you may have for this person.

This is the perfect addition to our family’s nativity kit !

Happy Teaching!

Easy Jingle Bell Tutu

I love Christmas! And nothing sounds like Christmas more than the jingling of bells. This year I had the idea to make my daughter a special Merry Christmas skirt to help her practice her dance moves (more on that another day) and spread the jingling sounds of this holiday season!
Here is the finished product. It was SO easy to make. And my daughter loves it- she runs around the living room in circles wearing this!
Step 1: Google “no sew tutu”. Find a site that has a cute tutu (I used this site and this site, but there are SO many great tutorials out there!)
Step 2: Go to the craft store and purchase rolls of green and red tulle. I used four rolls (2 red and 2 green) because I like my tutus nice and fluffy!

Step 3: Follow the steps to make the tutu- basically just stapling (for people like me that really want NO SEW!) or sewing the elastic in a waistband about 3 inches smaller than your child’s waist. After the elastic is ready, simply tie a series of knots until the skirt is as full as you like! (great site here for the basic steps in tying the tutu knots)
Step 4: Cut several ribbons twice the length of the skirt. Tie small jingle bells on to both ends. It may help to use a strong adhesive to ensure that the bell will stay on the ribbon. I just tied a double knot and it has been holding up fine. Then attach the jingle bell ribbons to various places throughout the skirt using the same knot as the tulle.
You could use this tutu for so many things- Christmas parties, family night dance performances, or just plain fun around the house!
Happy Teaching!

Two Thanksgiving Painting Activities

I love painting! (minus the set up and clean up!) Last week we did a couple of Thanksgiving painting activities. My daughter painted a turkey and a vegetable/fruit wreath. I love that she loves to paint- especially since she has very little interest in other art activities. I just wish it was more accesible!
Here are some pics of the painting:
Two painting tips: Use a paintbrush that is the same color for each of the paints you will be using. This will help your child to remember which brush goes with each color. I also love using old tin foil muffin tins for painting trays- it keeps the paint so nice and organized! (Until the paint mixing begins- and then its all a mess!!!)

Putting the turkey together…

Our wreath of food! After making this my daughter told me it sure made her hungry! 🙂
I would be happy to share one or both of the Thanksgiving files with anyone who is interested- just leave a commet and let me know your email!
Happy Teaching and Happy Thanksgiving!

Popsicle Tree Ornaments DONE and Santa Dice Game goes South

We are finished with our ornament gifts and I thought I would share a picture of our final work. We didn’t have sequins so I just hole punched different colored paper and that seemed to work just fine! My daughter was a trooper and helped me glue the ornaments on about half the trees (why did I think we needed to make 6????) I also glued yarn on the back so they can be hung on the tree.

We played a Santa dice game today that I read about here. Basically, you roll the dice and put that number of small candies (like M&Ms) on a cute Santa printout (check here if you want to download it!) It didn’t go as planned- my daughter just wanted to eat the treats. It is a really cute game and I think my Boo is just not quite ready for an activity like this. I did find a cute little Santa Claus & reindeer that I just COULDN’T stop myself from buying- and my daughter had fun w/ the Santa visiting her little people (and snacking on one to many M&Ms from aforementioned dice game).
Gotta run- hear my baby girl crying! Happy Holidays!!!

Do It Yourself Christmas: Nativity Blocks

About a year ago I came across this post on DIY Nativity blocks and I fell in love! They are great for kids (and cheaper than a toy nativity set) and made from their heart. I set out in my mind that I would be making them as gifts for my nieces and nephew!

I came across a few snags- I couldn’t find the nativity stickers that Hilary used in her post. But I LOVE clipart and was blessed to find 2 really cute Nativity clip art sets. One is from Lori Wenerstrom (her clipart was highly recommended and she was kind enough to send me a copy of her nativity clipart since it’s hard to find- it’s sooo cute! ) and Amy Dott Harmer (cutest stick kids! I have purchased many of her sets!!!)

Set One (Lori’s)

I made this set for my daughter. They were originally created as nativity puppets (but they make the cutest blocks, too!) I love that this set incorporates the Nativity story from the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible- visit her lesson plan here for more info)

blocks: Sun(other side star), Samuel the Lamanite, Nephi, Angel

three wise men, Joseph, Mary, star (other side sun), Shepard

Set Two (Amy’s)

These are the blocks I made as gifts (and of course I made an extra set for me!) This is your more typical Nativity set… with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, donkey, stable, angel, star, innkeeper, shepard w/sheep, three wise men and a camel. I bought some 2X4 and 2X6 boards at a home improvement store, had them cut into blocks, sealed them, and then modge-podged the clipart on!

Since this is for little kiddos, I also created some coloring pages to go along with the blocks in their “Nativity Box”. (I also found a little story book to go in their box to complete the Nativity learning time fun!) I can’t wait to give these Nativity Boxes to some of the CUTEST kids I know!!!

Happy Holidays!

Do It Yourself Christmas: No Sew Blanket

I have been extremely inspired from reading my blog feeds about all the wonderful DIY (do it yourself) Christmas gift ideas! And so I wanted to share what I have created (thanks to YOU!)
The first project is a No Sew Blanket. I read about it on Izzie, Mac, & Me’s site. It seemed EASY enough for me to handle!
I made this for my daughter’s “squishy present”- you know how most kiddos open pajamas Christmas Eve, well we have been blessed to get a few different sets of Santa jammies as hand-me downs, so I opted for a winter blanket instead! This was VERY cheap to make- this fleece was a remnant at the fabric store. I really lucked out!
I love Christmas and homemade gifts are lots of fun to make!
Happy Teaching!

Picnic Talk- Arts and Crafts

As with all picnics (on rainy days), it seems that there is at least one person with a runny nose or miserable cough. That person would be me. So if I am incoherent or babbling non stop- you’ll know why!

Today I am going to post 5 artsy/crafty projects that I have done with my Boo to inspire the artist in your little one.

1. Bunny footprint Craft- Read more about this craft here. I really like this craft because it showcases my daughter’s little feet as well as her thumbprint (nose).

2. Who says art can’t be yummy? We had fun mixing the food coloring in with the white frosting. Here we are trying to frost some fish cookies to go along with Dr. Seuss’ Book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish. The blue frosting was too tempting for my little one!

3. When my daughter was itty bitty we would fingerpaint with different colored applesauce. It was messy but she had a blast!

4. Paper lanterns- a very easy and festive decoration for any holiday!

5. We won the Itty Bitty Curriculum from an ABC/123 Giveaway a little while ago. Here my daughter is showing off her monkey art project that went with the book “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” She had a blast making this monkey- and it is SO cute to see her make the monkey “jump” on the bed while I read the story! I am excited to use more of this great curriculum’s projects!

Blue Orange Painting

My daughter had her first real “painting” experience recently. I LOVED the idea to paint with oranges and I was curious to see how my daughter would respond to the activity. We worked on a single color-scheme masterpiece since it was her first time…

Let’s just say by the end of art, she had tried eating the blue paint twice and doesn’t quite grasp the concept of stamping (finger painting with the blue stamped orange marks was way too temping for her! But she had fun- and so did I!!) I can’t wait to try this one again in a few months to see the difference in her art skills. Orange stamping looks great on tissue paper as well- great homemade wrapping paper idea. I have to admit that it was FUN for me to paint again- there is something about art that just soothes the soul.

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