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Do It Yourself Christmas: Nativity Blocks

About a year ago I came across this post on DIY Nativity blocks and I fell in love! They are great for kids (and cheaper than a toy nativity set) and made from their heart. I set out in my mind that I would be making them as gifts for my nieces and nephew!

I came across a few snags- I couldn’t find the nativity stickers that Hilary used in her post. But I LOVE clipart and was blessed to find 2 really cute Nativity clip art sets. One is from Lori Wenerstrom (her clipart was highly recommended and she was kind enough to send me a copy of her nativity clipart since it’s hard to find- it’s sooo cute! ) and Amy Dott Harmer (cutest stick kids! I have purchased many of her sets!!!)

Set One (Lori’s)

I made this set for my daughter. They were originally created as nativity puppets (but they make the cutest blocks, too!) I love that this set incorporates the Nativity story from the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible- visit her lesson plan here for more info)

blocks: Sun(other side star), Samuel the Lamanite, Nephi, Angel

three wise men, Joseph, Mary, star (other side sun), Shepard

Set Two (Amy’s)

These are the blocks I made as gifts (and of course I made an extra set for me!) This is your more typical Nativity set… with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, donkey, stable, angel, star, innkeeper, shepard w/sheep, three wise men and a camel. I bought some 2X4 and 2X6 boards at a home improvement store, had them cut into blocks, sealed them, and then modge-podged the clipart on!

Since this is for little kiddos, I also created some coloring pages to go along with the blocks in their “Nativity Box”. (I also found a little story book to go in their box to complete the Nativity learning time fun!) I can’t wait to give these Nativity Boxes to some of the CUTEST kids I know!!!

Happy Holidays!

Do It Yourself Christmas: No Sew Blanket

I have been extremely inspired from reading my blog feeds about all the wonderful DIY (do it yourself) Christmas gift ideas! And so I wanted to share what I have created (thanks to YOU!)
The first project is a No Sew Blanket. I read about it on Izzie, Mac, & Me’s site. It seemed EASY enough for me to handle!
I made this for my daughter’s “squishy present”- you know how most kiddos open pajamas Christmas Eve, well we have been blessed to get a few different sets of Santa jammies as hand-me downs, so I opted for a winter blanket instead! This was VERY cheap to make- this fleece was a remnant at the fabric store. I really lucked out!
I love Christmas and homemade gifts are lots of fun to make!
Happy Teaching!

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