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My Favorite Things

I watched a little of Oprah’s favorite things this afternoon. I have to admit that I was a tiny bit jealous of some of those amazing gifts! As my mind was thinking about how fun it would be to have been a part of that lucky studio audience, I had a thought.
I was once part of an audience where a selfless young woman gave me my most favorite and treasured gift. The location was a small room. The audience consisted of seven people, including my husband and I. The gift, given by the sweetest and kindest of earthly angels, was my daughter. Without the love and sacrifice of our birthmother, I would not be the mommy I am today. I would not feel the deep JOY that I know now. I am so immensely thankful for this gift.
Top that off with my sweet husband and I KNOW that I am greatly blessed.
No plane ticket to Chicago required.

happy thanksgiving 🙂

The Evolution of our Family and Learning Binders

I am addicted to many things- from chocolate licorice, planning curriculum, kissing my daughter, and binders. I feel such a sense of power as I organize my life into sheet protectors. . . I just FINALLY finished updating our home & learning binders and I thought I would take you on a journey of our past binders.

Here is the binder that started it all. This was when our family consisted of me,
my sweet husband, and our two dogs. I thought I would be creative and do a silhouette pic of our faces- I swear the cover is the most important part of the binder!
An inside look at a divider. Did we use this binder faithfully? No. I am a great
planner and a not so great executor.

Which brings us to our simplified version of our family binder- known as the
little red folder. Problems- too little- there were pages of grocery ideas, food storage
expiration dates, cleaning schedules, menus, etc all stuffed inside a two pocket folder.
This system did not last long! Besides, there was no cute cover!

Our latest family binder as of today. I was inspired to do a scrapbooking
cover by my creative sister-in-law. I am happy with how it looks
on the outside!

Here is a look at the inside of the binder. There are dividers for menus, cleaning stuff/checklists, ideas (for home projects, scrapbook pages, blog posts, gifts), church stuff, special dates, routine, food expiration list, and babysitter stuff.

The first learning binder for my daughter. This was full of ALL the many activities I was going
to do with her- from art, to baby massage and yoga. . . it was all right here. This was the ultimate baby binder that unfortunately got lost in a cupboard for awhile. Not so effective!

This is the latest learning binder for my daughter. I have it divided into her learning days- My Faith Monday (which has a checklist of scripture stories as well as coloring pages and craft ideas all ready to go for Family Home Evening), Tumbling Tuesday large motor activity lists and games, Wednesday Words which has some spanish stuff, Tea Time and Rhyme Thursday which has printables all ready to go for this month’s nursery rhyme/fairy tale, and a list of field trips for our Field Trip Fridays. The organization is all coming together, I just need to execute my little plans now!

Happy Teaching!

Returning to Normalcy

I have quite a bit to catch up on….
First, the winners of the giveaways are Paige and Julie- I notified them already about their prizes and they are both really excited! Thanks to all who entered!

Secondly, as most of you know I have been really sick. The kind of sick where you puke your guts out, can’t sit up, living on saltines….. My wonderful husband took me to the doctor (with a 2 year old, keep in mind) where we sat and waited for 3 hours. I was so nauseous I couldn’t even sit up in a chair- instead I was sprawled out on the floor. And my little Boo was just crying to go home- she was a trooper though and finally we were sent home knowing that some labwork had been ordered and I should know the extent of my suffering in a few days. A few days went by and I hadn’t heard anything (and was still sick) so I called them… they said they were backed up and to call again tomorrow. I did just that and got the same response. Only this time, I got a phone call a few hours later to hear this piece of cheery news:

Your labwork wasn’t ordered. If you are still sick, come back in and we will do it again.

I was kind on the phone, but in my head I was thinking how the heck do you FORGET to order labwork! Don’t you remember me- the patient that was lying in a heap on your office floor! Didn’t you think it would be some type of priority? When all is said and done, and i am back to my healthy ways, I will sit back and get a good chuckle from this story and think that Canadian health care really isn’t that bad after all 🙂 And I also got to thinking- we need some “Mommy’s Sick Survival Kits”. Anyone want to help make ’em?
Anyway, in the midst of my suffering, I received this wonderful gift from Katey Jades. Isn’t it the cutest basket ever?? My husband opened up the box and showed it to me and I was overcome with emotion. It made me feel like although I haven’t been the best party planner and teacher to my daughter due to my illness, that she will at least have an adorable trick or treating basket. And sometimes these small things can make a world of difference. Thanks Katey Jades- for giving me something that my daughter will love!
Not sure what our week in posting will be- please understand that I have to take one day at a time and can’t run faster than i have strength!
happy LIVING!

Too late for a new years resolution? no way! TWO addictions that I want to stop now!

Not your usual blog post material, but I figure if I am open about these 2 habits I need to change I will be more conscious of being better! One is stealing away my time and the other is stealing away my health. These are 2 habits that I want to start changing NOW!

  1. picking my split ends– this is my stress outlet- whenever I feel any anxiety I reach for my hair as a security and then pick away. It is SO gross I know! I really can’t believe I am typing this, but it is very freeing to let this out in the open. Do any of you struggle with this? I am to the point that I just want to chop off my hair to remove the distraction completely. Time is precious and wasting that on picking hair is ridiculous!
  2. late night snacking– I shouldn’t even use the word snacking. It’s becoming more of a fourth meal. As soon as little Boo goes down to sleep, I get this renewed energy to hurry and accomplish everything I need or want to do and that somehow includes eating!

So now you know my two crazy addictions. I am pledging to myself right now to put my tummy to bed at 8 and find a new outlet when I get stressed!

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