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When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens (even if I have to break it down!)


In just 3 short days my husband and I will no longer be on a waiting list to adopt. Our agency won’t be doing adoption placements anymore. To say I am crushed is an understatement. We have invested so much time, emotion, money, and HOPE into receiving another child through our current agency. Some people tell us to move to another agency- and while that is the most logical choice, there is an invisible yet very real layer of resistance made up of fear, hurt, and rejection. Unless you have been on a waiting list for 7 years, that layer is something that can’t really be explained or understood.

A chapter in my family’s life will soon be closing.  The new year is coming in with a bang as I learn of new challenges our little family will have to face. And as I am trying to cope with the unknown, another very real door has opened and is trying to entice me in. It is the door of fear. I can not go through this door! I will not go through this door. Yoda’s famous quote from Star Wars is so applicable: “Fear is the path to the dark side.” I don’t want to become a bitter old lady but I know that fear is a step in that direction.

So I am desperately trying to figure out what will happen next for my little family. Will we push forward with another adoption agency? Will we donate our gazillion boxes of baby clothes/toys/books to charity? Or does the Lord have something entirely different in store for our family? I really don’t know. But I do know that it is going to take a lot of work to find and open the right door. I am reminded of a scripture in the new testament: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” I just pray for the strength to push forward!

DIY Seasonal Table Board

This was a fun family project that- while it isn’t necessarily teacher related- I just had to share!

I saw this beautiful wood plank dining table runner on Pinterest. I would love to give credit to the person who came up with this idea but unfortunately the link takes you to one of those sites that takes pictures from other bloggers without giving credit. :/


My husband ran to Lowes, found a board (I told him to get the most distressed looking one he could find!) and had it cut to the length of our dining table. He also found a beautiful mahogany stain that we used on the board. I saw various sites online that showed how to distress a board with nails and other tools- I wasn’t brave enough to try their methods in fear of splitting the board or something else disastrous. We found burlap at Hobby Lobby, candles at various stores (including the Dollar Tree!), pinecones and various items from decorations we already owned, and put it all together. I love the way it looks!

I took the idea and decided that this was something that I could modify for all seasons. Here is what we came up!

Fall/Thanksgiving (October and November): Imagine how cool it would look with black and orange candles for Halloween! 



Christmas (December):

red and green

Winter (January): My personal favorite 🙂


Valentines Day (February):


St. Patricks Day (March):

green and white

You might be wondering what are my plans for Spring and Summer- at this point I have no clue but I will share them with you when I think of something!

Happy Creating!

New Year, New Blog Platform

I finally made the switch to WordPress!


8ish years ago I started blogging with my second graders. I used WordPress and loved it. I felt so tech-savvy! But for some reason- perhaps the challenge of trying something new- I decided to use Blogger with my Home Teacher blog. Blogger made everything so easy that coming back to WordPress was a bit intimidating. However thanks to some incredible and easy to use plugins the migration wasn’t too bad! And I have already jumped into the code and made some minor tweaks to my blog. Oh it feels good to be back…plus I love feeling like I still have some tech smarts 🙂

As you can see- the blog is simple and clean- just like I hope this New Year will be. I guess that means I should hit the laundry pile? On second thought I will go snuggle with my daughter. Cleaning can wait.

In Defense of being a Pinterest Mom


I recently read an article online downgrading those people who are over achievers as parents or those crazy moms who feel the need to stress themselves out planning the perfect birthday parties and going over the top with EVERY single minor holiday celebration.
I will be honest. I am that mom. I am the mom who stays up late creating lesson plans so my daughter will be the top of her class. I am the mom who has a 7 page outline of my daughter’s birthday party activities. I am the mom who spends hours looking on Pinterest for ideas to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.
But I am also the mom who will never know what it’s like to be pregnant. I am the mom who aches to see my daughter be a big sister. I am the mom who would find joy running around like a crazy woman after a ton of kids.
5 years ago my husband and I started the adoption process for our second child. That’s a long time to be waiting. There are days that I am overwhelmed with emptiness. There are days that I struggle to pray to my Heavenly Father asking him to bless us with another child because it is so painful. I think only those who have experienced infertility can understand the extent and depth of heartache that is associated with this trial.
So do I sit at home and cry my eyes out every day? I easily could! But I have a choice. There are two things I have found to help me through this. First, gratitude. I have been incredibly blessed with the most amazing husband and daughter. My Boo is the PERFECT child for me. She fills my heart with happiness and joy. I will never understand how I got so blessed to have her in my life.  Second, I find a lot of fulfillment in dedicating my every waking moment to being the best mom I can be. So yes- while I happily plan details of every birthday and minor holiday- keep in mind that as a mom of only one child I have limited celebrations. If I don’t take advantage of these special opportunities with my daughter now, I don’t have the option of doing them later with a second or third child.
I know not every Pinterest enthusiast struggles with infertility. But this is my story. I do not apologize for being the holiday zealot.
I guess you could say in a way Pinterest is my therapy. 🙂


I hate cancer.

The morning of October 28th we were eating breakfast at the kitchen table when my husband received a text that changed our lives. We found out that my father in law, Ned, was in the hospital. He had been acting confused and was having a difficult time speaking. My heart sunk. In the back of my mind I was hoping and praying that it was a minor stroke… it couldn’t be anything too bad, after all he only 59 years old and so healthy.

My favorite picture of Ned with my daughter

We rushed to the hospital. When I saw Ned’s wife Shirley I knew it was bad. My heart sunk even further. She encouraged us to go back into the small ER room and try to hold a conversation with him. I remember seeing his face- misshapen from brain swelling. He knew us- he answered our questions. I tried to be happy and positive but he was different and that was so hard for me to come to grips with. A few hours after we arrived, Ned was moved to a hospital room. It was in that room that we got the official diagnosis “stage 4 brain and lung cancer”.  We later learned that it was metastatic melanoma. I remember watching Ned’s face as we heard the news. The sadness was overwhelming in his expression. I watched as my stoic unemotional husband put his head in his hands and cry. Words of encouragement were whispered in between tears. Ned was given a blessing at the hospital… the only thing I remember hearing is that this was not his time to go… that he was needed here. The Lord had different plans for Ned.

The days and weeks that followed were a blur… I couldn’t believe that such a healthy, vivacious person could have cancer. I watched as cancer and the various treatments took things away from Ned- his hair, his appetite, his energy.  I researched online about metastatic melanoma and sobbed. I had come to the realization of the potential prognosis we were facing. But I was so, SO hopeful. We all were… cancer just couldn’t take our Ned away from us.

The evening of December 30th we had a family meeting. Ned and Shirley told us that he had 6 months but they were praying for a miracle. This was the first time we as a family discussed the inevitable death. It was so uncomfortable and hard. Nobody wanted this outcome.

The night we heard the prognosis

We plowed along in our cancer journey. There were good days and bad days. Days when Ned would seem more like his old self. Aaron decided he wanted to do something really special for his dad and came up with the idea to fold 1,000 paper cranes. It is said that if you do this you are granted a wish. Of course his wish was for his dad to beat this cancer.

Spending time with Ned

My husband was going to be speaking at a Linux conference in California and my daughter and I had planned to go along and play at Disneyland. I used my trip planning as therapy to help me cope with the heartache of everything that was going on with Ned.  5 days before we were supposed to leave for our trip the reality of this ugly cancer entered our unprepared hearts.

Ned had collapsed by his car the morning of February 12. Aaron told me to get to the hospital as soon as I could. I quietly cried the whole way there. I met up with Aaron at the hospital entrance and we quickly went to ER. I remember seeing Logan, Aaron’s youngest brother. I could tell by his eyes that the news was bad. We were told that it was time to say our goodbyes.  I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to someone I loved so much. Even though we knew this was the outcome of this cancer I still felt completely blindsided. Aaron was on the phone with his mom just sobbing. I heard him try to tell her to come to the hospital because his dad wasn’t going to make it. I hugged him and realized that I was going to have to be strong for him. In the middle of all this my cute little daughter was asking me when Grandpa Ned was going to wake up and tell her “hi honey”. Just when you think your heart can’t hurt anymore you find out you were so wrong… It seemed so unfair to me that my little girl would grow up and not remember this wonderful man that loved her so much.

A small miracle happened that night however… his heart stabilized. It looked like he was going to be with us for another couple months. I was so relieved but so emotionally exhausted. After debating on whether or not we should go on our trip, we decided it would be best for us to go. We needed some rejuvenation.

Playing Valentine games in the hospital waiting room with Grandma Shirley

When we got back Aaron was immediately there for his dad. He was able to work from his house twice a week. He sat next to him on the couch and watched countless episodes of family feud. I brought my Boo over as much as our schedule permitted… I wanted to be there with him. But at the same time it was still so hard for me to see him like that. One day that we came to sit with him I brought my camera and asked him to share some advice for his family. I told him that this would be the first of many videos I was planning on doing. It ended up being the only one. I had no idea at the time that he had just 12 more days with us.

March 2 was a beautiful day for us… the one great thing that comes out of these hard trials is the overwhelming generosity and the outpouring of love from others. A very special organization, Anything for a Friend, held a large fundraiser/dinner that celebrated Ned’s life. In fact I was in charge of putting together a slideshow of Ned. Every time I sat down at the computer to work on it I burst into tears. I saw so many pictures of him healthy and happy and it broke my heart because I missed that Ned so deeply. I saw in pictures how cancer had changed his appearance so quickly. I spent so many emotional nights working on that movie and I am so thankful that I had that opportunity. I felt like I was being productive and helpful and it allowed me to do something for Ned to show him how much he means to me.  It was so humbling to see so many people come out to show their love and support. My daughter told an old friend of ours that she was going to try really hard to make friends so one day she would have as many as Grandpa Ned.

Ned at his Anything For a Friend event

5 days later, March 7, we got another text that we needed to go see Ned. He was losing his speech and motor skills. When we got there I saw him sitting in a recliner in his bedroom. He was so frail.  It was so painful to watch him change as the cancer spread. Near the end of his life things we take for granted- walking across a room, talking, eating.. had become so hard for him.  After that we went up to his house every day. Aaron spent most nights up there too, since Ned needed a lot of help at night. We watched Silverado- an old western- a lot. Aaron worked hard on folding cranes. He knew we didn’t have much time.

Sunday, March 10  we had a family gathering at Ned’s house. All of Ned’s six kids were there as well as his brother,  some aunts and cousins. Aaron was able to finish the cranes and hung them up next to Ned, who acknowledged them by pointing at the finished product.

1,000 paper cranes

I remember at one moment he woke up, looked at me, and reached out his hand. I didn’t know what or who he wanted but I jumped up and came and held his hand. I was there holding his hand when his brother Rick came over. I couldn’t hold back the tears as I heard this tough man tell his younger brother “Hey buddy. Mom and Dad are waiting for you and welcoming you with open arms. You fulfilled your mission here.”

It was a very emotional and spiritual experience as we sat around Ned’s recliner and listened as some shared their love of Ned and their testimonies of eternal families. This was another moment where I listened to Aaron sob. It was a beautiful, raw emotion hearing him speak about his dad being his best friend and how much he was going to miss him. He also said that he knew his dad was going to be busy on the other side and that he knew this church was true. My daughter rushed up to whoever was crying the loudest and gave them a hug. She told us all that she wished she brought Stuffy, her stuffed dragon, because Stuffy always makes her feel better when she is crying.

Aaron was able to give his dad a blessing that night. It was touching to watch and absolutely beautiful to hear. He cried bestowing the blessings of comfort, peace, and no pain. He blessed that Ned would be alert to the end, that the departure would not be scary, and that he had nothing to worry about on the other side, or about those of us he was leaving behind. In his blessing Aaron also expressed to his dad the love we have for him and how much he was going to be missed.

Monday, March 11, Ned passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. It seems so weird that I am writing those words… like it couldn’t of really happened. I just can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it.

We knew what the outcome of this cancer battle would be and we tried to prepare ourselves. But you are never prepared for a loss like this. After the viewing and funeral were over- and we were back at home- I realized the void that was now part of our lives. I try to fill the void with tears. Amidst all this sadness I have come to be so grateful for the wonderful memories I have of this great man. He took advantage of every opportunity- he never wasted a moment to work on a project or help out a friend. He magnified and excelled in his callings at church, especially with the scouts. He loved my daughter immensely and that meant so much to me. I am also grateful that with everything that cancer took, that it never took his mind- he was mentally there with us until the end. It also didn’t take his determination.

I know that there are still rough moments ahead of us. There will be difficult times when the ache seems unbearable. I am hoping for the time when I can go to a scout meeting and not feel like crying, or watch a grandpa play with his grandkids and not burst into tears. Until then I am reminded of the words that became a theme for Ned’s fundraiser:

Together We Can Do Hard Things
Our family right after Ned’s diagnosis

We CAN learn to cope with such a deep loss. We CAN use this experience to strengthen our testimonies and try that much harder to make those choices that will reunite us as an eternal family. Together, as a family, we can do this hard thing.

First Day of Preschool

I must preface this by saying I am writing this post in TEARS. I never thought I would be so emotional! Mostly because I was always planning on teaching my daughter preschool at home… but I knew in my heart that wasn’t the path for us to take. So here I am now- typing this post while my nervous daughter is far away (aka down the street) with a room full of strangers. Oh dear- this post is turning out to be more like my therapy than a list of our first day of preschool activities!!

Last night our family did a few special things to get ready for the big day. We read the Night Before Preschool- a book about a boy that is SO nervous to go to preschool. We can relate to that!

My daughter drew a magnet for our fridge to use to hang her artwork.

We also watched some back to school movies on youtube.

My daughter wasn’t a fan of this one, but it totally got me choked up.

After a restless night, I tried waking up my daughter who had climbed into my bed sometime during the night. She is NOT a morning person so it was a bit of a struggle. I believe her first words this morning were “I do not want to go to school.” And of course I wanted to tell her that I didn’t want her to go either, but I played the part of the semi-strong mom.

I made her a special breakfast on our I am Special plate. Daddy, who usually goes to work before we are out of bed, stayed home this morning so he could have breakfast with us and walk with us to school. He also gave my daughter a special fathers blessing to help calm her nerves. Of course she was petrified of that, too. 🙂

We spent a couple minutes taking some pictures and then we were off to school. We are fortunate enough to attend an amazing school that is only five houses away. My daughter looked for potato bugs as we made the short walk.

Boo walked in to class, I believe she gave her sweet teacher one of her “I am scared to death” looks, we hung up her backpack, and she sat down and worked on a puzzle.

Daddy signing daughter into the roll book while Boo waves to the only other student she knows- a cute little girl from her primary class.

And my husband told me it was time to go. I think the hardest thing about leaving was knowing that I wouldn’t be there to comfort her if she was hurt or scared. I wouldn’t be there to help her is she had a question, or give her a hug if her heart was sad. She is my baby- my husband and I waited 7 years to adopt her, and letting her go is heartbreaking. Even though its only 2.5 hours twice a week.

I was so excited to pick up my daughter after school. I was SO, SO thrilled to hear about how much she loved school. Boo can’t wait to go back! Her favorite part of school was circle time because they got to hear a story. There is also a boy from her soccer team in her class. It just makes my heart smile to know she loves it!
Boo came home from school to see that her stuffed animals threw her a little surprise party. They were happy to see her, too!

We spent the rest of the day going out to lunch with a friend, going to a Halloween store and looking at some of the scary displays (per my daughters request), a playdate with our cute little neighbor, a soccer game, and some tasty homemade pizza rolls and corn on the cob on our I am Special plate. What a day. So many emotions- just incredibly grateful that Boo had a fabulous day- it validates our decision to send her to preschool.
Happy Teaching!

Missing From the Blogosphere

As some of you may have noticed, it’s been about a month since my last blog post. Why, you might ask? Amid the pile of excuses (and yes laziness is one of them) is this:

That’s not a gray tan covering my foot but one ginormous and very, very painful bruise.

Last week my foot got slammed in a heavy industrial metal door. And it hurt BAD. Luckily there are no serious fractures, but it has caused me to lay around with my foot elevated and my blahness escalated. But I have a list of amazing and inspirational blog posts that will be coming your way soon. I hope. 🙂

Happy Teaching! (and happy healing for me!)

Date Night Kits

Let’s face it-my life revolves around my daughter and I love it. Poor hubby has been left in the shadows!  I made him some date night kits for Christmas to help build our relationship.♥
Each themed date night is organized in a manilla envelope with a card of instructions and some of the materials needed. There is also an extra envelope that holds additional ideas for dates on strips of paper.

Here is a list of our themes and a brief summary. Click on the theme to download the date night card. Each date night card has a list of materials needed, the plan for the evening, and an “additional ideas” section to further extend your date.  I created these just for our little family, so you will see some references to my daughter.

Prehistoric Date: Completely inspired from my dinosaur loving daughter- this date takes place at the dinosaur park while afterwards eating a spaghetti dinner sans utensils. And no computers/cell phones/ anything electronic during the date. Can we do it?
Service Date: Service brings people closer together, so why not incorporate it into the date night experience? This date centers around donating our talents, material items, and time to others. FYI: one of the additional items is to do the Kmart layaway challenge. This is inspired from this story, where anonymous donors are paying other people’s layaway accounts- especially toys and clothes purchased for impoverished parents. Incredible, right?
Play Date: Unsure of what this date is about? Pretending to be a kid again! Playing games like tic tac toe, MASH, jump rope, hopscotch, and hide and seek.  The menu for this date: peanut butter sandwiches or macaroni and cheese.
Random Date: This date is driven by chance. (hmmm- does that make sense? I shouldn’t be posting after midnight! Geez!) Flipping a coin, rolling a dice, and using a colored spinner will decide the outfits/restaurant/dessert for the evening.
Blind Date: No, this is not a date with someone you don’t know… it’s a date in the dark! Choosing an outfit, eating dinner, and decorating cookies needs to be done while blindfolded.
80s Date: Inspired from our childhood… blizzards, pizza, and a good 80s movie.
Digital Date: This is the date I am most excited about- not because it will be the most fun, but it is TOTALLY something my geeky hubby will enjoy. And I do blog, so therefore I myself am somewhat geeky :).  This date is a nerdy movie/pizza/video game night with a twist. No talking. Only texting. Unlimited texting may be a requirement for this date- especially if you decide to play go fish or another game!
Night Under the Stars: Great time to learn about the phases of the moon and constellations! This will be a spring/summer date spending the night under the stars roasting marshmallows and gazing at the sky. And maybe even pitch the tent out in the backyard.
Musical Date: Oh, the sweet sounds of music! The plan is to play Name that Tune with the iPad AND live performances using kazoos. This is a perfect time to watch a musical and sing along. 🙂
Game Night: Not your typical game night…. take a variety of board games, mix them all together, and create new games. I thought it might be fun to watch old game show clips on Youtube, too 🙂 The avid gamers might enjoy this challenge: try and play at least one game from these categories: card game, board game, dice game, word game, children’s game, and brain game.
Color Date: This would be the artistic date. We plan on playing the skittles game (similar to the M&M game) because of all the colors (hence the theme name) and creating works of art for each other.
Class Act: The teacher in me just HAD to do a scholastic date! Sharpen your pencils, because a written exam is involved…as well as making carmel apples. Yummers!
Mission Impossible: This theme is centered around things we love about our church missions. We both served in Toronto, so it is pretty much a Canadian date with doughnuts, hockey, and reading through our old mission journals. I didn’t include the date night card here because everyone’s missions are different, and not everyone has served a mission… but if you are interested in seeing a copy of this date night card email me and I will gladly send a copy your way!

Have a fun Valentines Day! Enjoy!

Noteshelf App: My New Digital Home Binder

I am addicted to binders. I have a house organizational binder, a binder with my daughter’s curriculum ideas, a binder with our FHE plans (just realized I am 2 weeks behind on those… nice!), a binder with baby educational ideas,  … you get the idea. And then there are all the countless notebooks- containing everything from my daughters journals to the 10 I have stashed everywhere for my to do lists.

My organizational bliss needed a makeover.

And I think I found the answer in the form of an iPad app. Noteshelf.

Let me first tell you that I was not compensated for writing this review- I think this app is so amazing that I want to shout about it from the rooftops.
Noteshelf is an app that was designed for, well, taking notes! But it goes to the next level, with the ability to create custom pages (you will see much more of this feature throughout my review), exporting finished notes as pdfs, and it has the all important cute factor. Which is a big deal!

Ability to sort notes into notebooks. And notebooks can be grouped together. Think of it this way: the groups are like your binders. And the notebooks are like the tabs within those binders.

My “Home Planner” group of notebooks
Noteshelf app front page
For example, all the items in my old home binder were sorted by tabs….now they are individual notebooks, under the “home planner”group. I can easily open up the home planner group and pull up the January notebook to see what we have going on during the month, just as easily as the old tab/binder system. 

My daughter has her own notebook group. Within her group she has two notebooks: her chore chart and journal.

My daughter’s notebooks are grouped together in her own collection.

And do I worry that she might accidentally delete all her cute journal entries, since she has easy access to her notebook? No, and here’s why:

Noteshelf has the ability to easily copy pages. And not only copy the page into the current notebook, but I can move the page into any other existing notebook that I created. So in my personal notebook group I have a copy of all her journal entries, safe and snug.

In the finder view you can easily see all the pages in your notebook. You can copy, move, delete, and export pages from the finder!

Boo’s journal is one of my favorite notebooks. I love that she loves to write in her journal now, she has access to several ink colors/pen widths/stickers, and I can quickly type a description on the same page. I love that I can now email her journal entries- so if there is an especially cute one about grandma, I can send her a copy right away. And for those that have the iPad2 (so jealous!) you can take a pic and insert it right into the note.  Those of us with a regular iPad can insert pics from the photo album. I think my days of binding notebooks for my daughter to use as journals (and end up only using half of the notebook because it gets lost) are over. At least for now. I just love the idea of having an instant digital copy of my daughter’s work. How cute would it be to make a shutterfly book of all her journal entries! Ahhhh I am rambling- back to Noteshelf….
I LOVE having my daughter’s chore chart on Noteshelf. As I mentioned earlier, you have the ability to add custom pages by importing jpgs. I used the GIMP to save all my pdfs to jpgs and I was good to go! After creating the chore chart custom page, I added it to her notebook. Now she can immediately add a digital sticker to her jobs as she completes them, and when we are done for the week we can clear the page and start over! (Once you create a custom page, you can easily insert it at anytime into any notebook) No money spent on stickers- or time spent searching for those aforementioned stickers… I love it. This also works for our scripture reading chart as well!

Digital chore chart

With the ability to create custom pages, I have been able to use all my old binder planner pdfs. So nifty! My monthly menu plan, my special days lists, my birthday calendar,… everything! Just think of all the money you could save by not printing a gazillion lists! And you never have to reprint… its all digital. And no more lugging around your 2 pound binder everywhere.

The finder view of all the pages in our January notebook. You can see the variety of pages! 
A close up view of our weekly cleaning page in our January notebook. (You can download this for free- scroll down to the bottom of this post!)

Other pros: you can tag pages, so if you are looking for a page in a notebook and you don’t remember where it is, you can search by the tag. And I do believe you can do a search for text, if it has been typed. You can export pages to evernote/dropbox. I don’t use these services so it doesn’t mean anything to me, but I know a lot of people might find this feature useful! You can send a page directly to facebook, and that might be of use someday…. Another pro is that it offers wrist protection- which basically means you can set your wrist down on your ipad while writing and the app won’t think your wrist is writing too. You can password lock notebooks and notebook groups- PERFECT for your personal journal, or any notebook entitled “Gift Ideas”.  You can also zoom in on your notebook for more fine tuned handwriting.

Zoom feature for handwritten text

And those lucky ipad2 folks can take pics of children’s calendars from school or other important notes and send them directly into a notebook so you can truly be paper free!

Cons: I have to mention a few. First, I would love the ability to import pdfs directly, instead of having to save them as a jpg. I don’t mind the extra work because I love the result, but it would make life a bit easier. I would also love to see the ability to insert links and images directly from the internet. I created a Pinterest page with the projects I want to work on during the month, but I had to save the pics of each project to my ipad before importing them into the notebook.

Pinterest notebook page- A great place to add pics and text of potential projects for the month.

Also, I would really like to be able to make custom notebook covers. And it would be cool to have that handwriting to text conversion that I have seen in other notebook apps. None of those are deal breakers for me- it is pretty nitty gritty stuff.

Here is a free download you can import right away as a custom page in your Noteshelf app(or you can print it, I won’t mind)

When all is said and done, this app is a must have. Let the trend of digital binders begin!!!

Happy TECHing! (and yes, I left the “a” out on purpose!)

In Loving Memory…

When I first started this blog, I became friends with another blogging mommy from Orange County. Some of you are familiar with her blog: Orange Juice. We cheered each other on as we got our blogs going, and I always felt like I could count on her creativity in teaching her little boy to help me teach my own daughter. She was kind, loved her family to PIECES, and lived life to its fullest.
Her life came to a sudden end this week- and while I never met Kristi in person, a little piece of my heart goes out to her family. The blogosphere will never be the same.

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