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I am many things: a blessed mom and wife, former foster parent, school teacher, family history enthusiast, dog lover, and curriculum nerd. I love lesson planning and helping others to be the best teachers they can be.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dani

    Hello! I love the free monthly printables you’ve shared so far…especially the Jan. family history questions and the monthly/weekly schedules. I’m a 4th grade teacher turned to stay-at-home mom and love this jump start on implementing the new Come Follow Me “curriculum” in my home. Because I like consistency and would like to keep the same schedule month to month, will you be sharing these free printables for each month this year?
    Thanks for sharing your gift and all your hard work!

    1. ktoponce Post author

      YES! We will have monthly posts with similar lesson ideas- family history questions, scripture passports, journal pages,etc. 🙂 This is really an exciting curriculum! You’ll have to let us know how these activities work for your family!


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