Angry Bird UPDATES

free angry bird download now available as a PDF

I am SO excited that so many of you have been downloading and teaching our Anger Management with Angry Bird pages. I am impressed that you took the time to download each individual page from our WIKI… but I thought I should update it to make it easier! So for those who haven’t downloaded the Angry Bird pages- you can easily download the PDF now!


Click HERE to download the Don’t Be An Angry Bird Posters.

angrybirdposter                                     newestcooldown

Click HERE to download the Don’t Be An Angry Bird Student Book.

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20 thoughts on “Angry Bird UPDATES

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  5. Suzanne

    I’m a therapist and I work with kids in schools. I have to tote everything “fun” around with me, so not only is this a great resource, but it’s easy to tote! Thank you for an awesome idea!!

  6. Twyla Horne

    Thank you, for such a wonderful program. Our Out Of School Care Program children have spent a lot of time drawing and creating posters of the Angry Birds. They have placed posters around our building and refer to them a lot.
    Thank you again,

  7. RAchel

    Thank you so much! I downloded this a few years ago and loved it! Now we are going to use it again because of an incident. I thought – how can I teach anger managment, I remembered this book and im re-downloading it! THANKS!

  8. Tanya

    Thanks for all the great free homeschooling resources. I’m excited to use this angry bird lesson kit to being some fun into a difficult to teach emotion. God bless you.

  9. Rachel

    I teach social emotional strategies to young children that struggle with self regulation issues. I found your printable very helpful. My students loved them!


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