In Defense of being a Pinterest Mom


I recently read an article online downgrading those people who are over achievers as parents or those crazy moms who feel the need to stress themselves out planning the perfect birthday parties and going over the top with EVERY single minor holiday celebration.
I will be honest. I am that mom. I am the mom who stays up late creating lesson plans so my daughter will be the top of her class. I am the mom who has a 7 page outline of my daughter’s birthday party activities. I am the mom who spends hours looking on Pinterest for ideas to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.
But I am also the mom who will never know what it’s like to be pregnant. I am the mom who aches to see my daughter be a big sister. I am the mom who would find joy running around like a crazy woman after a ton of kids.
5 years ago my husband and I started the adoption process for our second child. That’s a long time to be waiting. There are days that I am overwhelmed with emptiness. There are days that I struggle to pray to my Heavenly Father asking him to bless us with another child because it is so painful. I think only those who have experienced infertility can understand the extent and depth of heartache that is associated with this trial.
So do I sit at home and cry my eyes out every day? I easily could! But I have a choice. There are two things I have found to help me through this. First, gratitude. I have been incredibly blessed with the most amazing husband and daughter. My Boo is the PERFECT child for me. She fills my heart with happiness and joy. I will never understand how I got so blessed to have her in my life. ┬áSecond, I find a lot of fulfillment in dedicating my every waking moment to being the best mom I can be. So yes- while I happily plan details of every birthday and minor holiday- keep in mind that as a mom of only one child I have limited celebrations. If I don’t take advantage of these special opportunities with my daughter now, I don’t have the option of doing them later with a second or third child.
I know not every Pinterest enthusiast struggles with infertility. But this is my story. I do not apologize for being the holiday zealot.
I guess you could say in a way Pinterest is my therapy. ­čÖé

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7 thoughts on “In Defense of being a Pinterest Mom

  1. Laurie


    You are a wonderful mother. I wish that you had as many kids as you wanted but life dealt you different cards than that. Take joy in Jackie. She is a very special girl. Give her a hug from Aunt Laurie

  2. trinykay

    I love this! (not the infertility part…my heart aches for you with that =( ) but that you do sooooo much for your daughter. She is such a sweet thing and you are a wonderful mom. Never feel ashamed! you are filling her lif with so many memories and experiences. I love your guts!!!

  3. liquidkitten

    The only reason I can think of that anyone would criticize you for being a highly organised, attentive parent is perhaps because it makes them feel inadequate? Or they are jealous? These problems lie with them not with you. It’s just crazy that we live in a society that makes you feel the need to make a post like this. Carry on being awesome! ^_^

  4. =) Megan

    I found your blog through Pinterest and I must say this is an excellent post. I am tired of moms bashing each other over decisions the other has made. Be happy to be a parent!

  5. Sarah

    My heart knows your ache… and your obsession to do everything possible to capitalize on every opportunity to make childhood memorable for my one (step) child, while planning, hoping, praying, yearning for a home filed with kids.

    Thank you for saying what you did, it doesn’t change where we are but it still helps me feel less alone.

  6. Noel

    Oh my goodness!! You must be my long lost twin sister! I too have one child through adoption and I do the exact same things!!! Pinterest is my therapy too! I used to dream if having a child to celebrate the holidays with. I had many years of waiting and time to come up with all of our crazy holiday traditions and parties that many tease me about. It is awesome to hear from someone that understands it is is not about showing off but making the most of every oppertunity to celebrate as a family!

  7. Angie

    So well said. We struggled with infertility and were blessed with one precious daughter thru ivf. It is about celebrating every day that we have with our child. I’m right there with you, searching Pinterest and planning what some say are extravagant parties and activities. God blessed us with one and I will treasure every day with her.


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