Hairstyle Spinner

My daughter LOVES to put her hair in a ponytail (I have no idea where she gets that from…. it’s not like my hair is in a ponytail every single day!!) I try to do new hairstyles with her but she always insists on the same thing. So I thought I would make choosing a hairstyle more of a game. I used this old spinner I had and wrote different styles on each of the colors. I wrote ponytail, bow, braid, leave it down, and mystery (that is Mommy’s choice)- but you could add your favorite styles instead. Every morning my Boo spins it and whatever it lands on is the style for the day. So far it has worked pretty well and she won’t let me do her hair without using the spinner first!

You can tell I have been busy crafting- I have white paint on my nails! Lovely, right?

Happy Teaching!
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4 thoughts on “Hairstyle Spinner

  1. Amber

    Is that a CD case? Cute idea. My oldest daughter only wants her hair down and the younger has hair too short and fine for much of anything and hates anything in her hair. Mother’s lament…I blame it on the fact I didn’t put headbands and bows in their hair as babies 🙂

    1. Keri

      Amber- actually it is an old spinner I had for an overhead projector. It has a clear body with different spinner inserts- It is pretty cool!!


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