Mud Pie Kitchen

I have seen a lot of FUN mud pie kitchens on Pinterest and thought we would try our hand at one! My daughter had a blast playing in the mud and ended up creating our own Mud Pie Restaurant. My favorite entrees: chicken noodle mud soup and dirt covered strawberries. This is an EASY summer activity that will provide lots of fun, imaginative play for your little ones!

Dishes We used play dishes, because we have a lot of them that unfortunately don’t get used inside. But they are getting plenty of use outside!
Bucket of Water
Aprons not shown in this picture, but we used them on other occasions and they helped keep my daughter’s clothes nice and clean! And it added to the whole kitchen thing 🙂

Hope you all are having a fun summer! Happy Teaching!

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2 thoughts on “Mud Pie Kitchen

  1. rinniez

    I used to love doing this when i was younger! Its great to see kids playing with dirt and in a sense getting back to nature, most kids dont do that enough these days.

  2. Sylvia Phillips

    I actually remember making mudpies! I am 53 now. I’m a homeschooling mom of a special needs 13 yr old. I have been looking through your blog and really like your ideas. thanks for sharing. I am following now and will keep checking you out! it was nice to meet you/


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