National Truffle Day

May 2 is National Truffle Day. What a perfect time to make a delectable treat! And I have to admit that I have never made truffles before- I was SHOCKED to find out how quick and easy they can be to prepare!

I found this particular recipe for cake batter truffles from Christy at The Girl Who Ate Everything. (Love the name of her site- especially since I am the world’s most picky eater and can’t bring myself to eat a lot of things!) These truffles were DELICIOUS! And so easy!! I didn’t include the recipe on my blog, since I don’t want to take any site traffic away from Christy and it just didn’t seem like proper blog etiquette! Am I crazy?!

Mix the ingredients together. Include your child by letting her add the rainbow sprinkles.
Roll out dough. Chill for 15 minutes. The great thing about making no bake truffles: You can make a variety of sizes without worrying about them being under or overcooked. Boo had a great time making ginormous truffles as well as some that look like a snake 🙂
After truffles are chilled and dipped in chocolate- add more sprinkles! This was lots of fun for my little girl!

Baking with your child can be a great way to build your relationship. And after you are done spending time working together in the kitchen, you can indulge yourself with a yummy treat! It’s like a win-win situation!
Happy Teaching!

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2 thoughts on “National Truffle Day

  1. M Mommy to 4

    Good for you for linking instead of posting the recipe yourself! I think that’s PERFECT blog etiquette! A lot of people assume that if you link, it’s okay to post the recipe as well, but I think that that’s only appropriate if you alter the recipe in some way. I may have to try these out, they look SO yummy!


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