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I must admit I love reviewing educational products. Its a great way to supplement my daughters education while familiarizing myself with some incredible resources! I was asked by JumpStart to write a review of their site in exchange for a 6 month membership. 

JumpStart.com is an educational website that offers an interactive learning adventure for your kiddos! The website is designed for 3-12 year old kids and allows them to learn a ton while playing award winning games. 
There are different lands (based on ages of kids). 
Some of the lands include StoryLand (for ages 3-5), AdventureLand (ages 5-8), MarineLand (ages 5-8), FutureLand (ages 9-12), and Poseidon’s Hangout (ages 9-12). There are other lands that would work for children of all ages- like  Uncle Milton’s Amazing ScienceLand- I think this was designed just for my daughter!
JumpStart provides you with an online avatar called a Jumpee (totally customized by your child) that will learn and explore in their educational adventures. The avatar not only play games but can interact with other jumpees that are online as well. Since my daughter is only 4 we didn’t do much interacting. Just playing 🙂

Two great parent/teacher resources in the JumpStart program are the game guide and the game manual. In the game guide you will learn more about how to use the JumpStart site effectively. There are sections on how to get started with JumpStart, finding the perfect games for your child, and info on membership. In the game manual you will get a more detailed description of installing JumpStart and how to navigate the games. Sadly, as computer savvy as I think I am, I needed this section. I definitely would recommend reading this section prior to starting your JumpStart experience!

Pros…. Educational, love the avatar element that allows kids to personalize  their learning experience, variety of levels and activities so your child is bound to find something they love!
Cons… I found their site to be a little difficult to navigate. Of course I was trying to figure it out BEFORE I saw the game manual… I could have saved myself a lot of searching!  And due to my sensitive stomach, the 3D animated graphics made me dizzy (I can’t play lots of video games for this reason). 
With that said, the customer support was helpful and my daughter really loves playing the games. And at the end of the day, thats what counts. 
I would recommend JumpStart to anyone who wants to supplement their child’s learning with online games. 
Happy Teaching!
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2 thoughts on “JumpStart Review

  1. Robert

    DO NOT do business with JUMPSTART.COM.

    I have been unable to cancel my membership with JUMPSTART.com for over 1 year now.
    The charges just keep coming through even though I have officially canceled as per their exact instructions many times now.
    They simply send an automated reply that they received my email but then I never hear from them…and the charges continue.
There is no phone support.
    This is a RIPOFF!

    I believe A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IS IN ORDER as I have hear many similar complaints on the internet of others being falsely charged on an ongoing basis.
    Coming from a company that bills itself as an a premiere educational company for children,

    1. ktoponce Post author

      That is awful! What is the status on your jumpstart account now? I would be interested to know if they finally canceled it for you. That just stinks!!!


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