Addition Towers With Unifix Cubes

I am a Pinterest addict. I could pin a gazillion ideas, but do I actually do any of the projects myself? Not as often as I like to admit… however, I saw this idea from Home Grown Learners and knew it was something we could easily pull off! I thought we would add our own twist on the idea and build towers as we added.

I grabbed some unifix blocks and flashcards from my curriculum closet (yes, the closet in my craft room is completely full of teacher stuff!)
I set 6 flashcards out in front of my daughter with the unifix cubes. Since this was our first time doing this activity, I thought I would make it easy for her by having the correct number of cubes next to each flashcard… if I were to do it again I would make her find and count the cubes herself.

Boo just added the blocks together as she built a tower for each problem.

Super easy and very educational! I love the hands-on and visual aspect of this activity that helped Boo understand why 1+3=4. Great idea, Home Grown Learners! Check out her site for more unifix cube activities- actually, just check out her entire site- what an amazing resource!

Happy Teaching!

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