North Pole Breakfast & Reindeer Report

I found this DARLING idea on Pinterest to have a special North Pole breakfast each year to introduce Elf on the Shelf and just get in the spirit of Christmas (thank you Little Pumpkin Grace!). 
North Pole Breakfast complete with a special letter from Rudolph
Well we did it and it was fun! However, I am too cheap to buy an elf, so we customized it with something I had bought back in November for $5…. a reindeer.

Introducing the Reindeer Report. Each night Rudolph magically flies to the North Pole and gives Santa a report on if Boo is being nice or naughty. And she (I was informed it’s a girl) hides when she come back from the great white north, so we have fun searching for her in the morning. It works for us- it gives us the magic I love plus it incorporates an animal my daughter LOVES!
Letter to Boo from Rudolph
I also made a little reindeer book with a two sided nose- it stays red if Boo is being nice, but it quickly flips over to a black nose if she is making bad choices. 
I hope you are all enjoying the MAGIC of the season! Merry Christmas!
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