A New House and Life Without Internet (Is there such a thing?)

Our little family has just moved, and for the past three weeks we have been internet-less. How have we survived? It is a little painful, but in all honestly a good thing for our family. We are the techno-geeks that spend more time than we would like to admit on the computer. I have spent less time (well, actually NO time) on Netflix and more time unpacking boxes. No time has been spent searching on line for lesson plans, but much time has been spent playing with my daughter. Our house has been eerily quiet without the hum of technology….
I am grateful for our time away from the internet, but I am more grateful to be getting it back! 🙂
Stay tuned for more pics of our new home and my new craft/school room! It is going to be so much fun to have more room to spread out all my teacher stuff! 🙂

Here’s hoping for a more balanced life!
Happy Teaching!
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