Book Themed Baby Shower

I had the most wonderful opportunity to host a baby shower for my brother in law and his wife. I LOVE planning!!! (Check out my post on Baby Shower Planning Pages). And I just couldn’t resist hosting an educational based party. After looking around the internet (and my new favorite site Pinterest) I found adorable book- themed baby showers. What an inspiration! Two sites that I gleaned the most creative juices from isΒ AestheticΒ NestΒ and Bowtied’s Etsy shop. Guests were encouraged to bring their favorite book as a gift. (I made a cute Dr Seuss-ish invitation but I don’t have a pic to show. Included in the invitation were bookplates so baby would always remember who gave her each book)

The setup with my cute mother in law in the background. She was kind enough to host the big party at her lovely home.
Banner made out of an old book- I am thinking this would be cute to hang in my daughter’s playroom. Yay for multi-purpose crafts!


Each guest picked a letter and designed their own alphabet page for baby’s first ABC book. It was SO fun!
Side table decorations- I couldn’t resist putting the “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” sign next to a jar of swedish fish. There are also extra bookplates for guests in case they lost the one included in their invitation
The “Snack Snack Eat a Snack” sign didn’t motivate enough people to eat the treats- but it was still cute!
Cupcakes made by my cute sister in law with the book toppers from Aesthetic Nest.
I love sneaking in learning and literature in any activity! πŸ™‚
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61 thoughts on “Book Themed Baby Shower

  1. Jenna

    I love love love the ABC book idea. Do you have the pages for this? I tried getting to Bowtied’s Etsy shop but it is no longer available. Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. ktoponce Post author

      I have a copy of the ABC pages that I would be more than happy to send you if you like! Check your email later today- I am not at my desktop where they are saved. Happy Teaching!

      1. Jamie

        Hi! I’m not sure if my other comment posted… I’d love to get a copy of the pages too and am more than happy to pay you! Let me know… thank you!

  2. Rachel

    I’d love if you could send the ABC pages to me as well! I’m doing this for a friend’s shower in a few weeks.

      1. Samantha

        I would also love a copy of the ABC pages for babys first ABC book, would you please send to me?
        Thank you so much!

  3. Debbie

    Your ABC book idea is so cute and creative! I would also LOVE to have copies of the ABC pages.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Raabeaa

    Hi there!
    what a cute abc book idea! If you wouldn’t mind, could I also get a copy of the abc pages? I teach kindergarten and I’d love to use this to make a class book πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

    Raabeaa πŸ™‚

  5. Gloria

    Hi, I love your idea also. I’m planning my daughter’s 1st baby shower and she saw this idea. I would love to surprise her with this. I would love a copy of the abc pages as well.
    Thanks so much,
    1st time gramma

  6. Gloria

    Hi, I would love to receive a copy of your abc alphabet book idea. This is a great idea for my daughters baby shower. She is a teacher and loves the idea.
    Gramma g

  7. Noelle

    Such great ideas! I love the ABC book! I am planning a shower and would greatly appreciate if you could also email the alphabet pages!! Thanks so much!!

  8. Ginny

    I am giving a baby shower for my daughter-in-law who is a teacher and would love to surprise her with this. It would be so special to have the guests help make an ABC book for her. Would you be willing to send me the pages for your abc alphabet book idea?
    Thank you so very much!!!
    Grandma in waiting πŸ™‚

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  10. Kelly

    Could you be so kind as to share your alphabet pages with me for use at my baby shower? Thank you! Love all these educational ideas!

  11. Karen

    I know this wonderful post was from January, but I’m hoping I can still get a copy of ABC book pages emailed to me?! They are adorable and perfect for my sister’s baby shower in 2 weeks. Thank you in advance for you consideration!

  12. Stephanie Pohubka

    Love the ABC book idea!!! Would you be able to send me the pages as well? I would love to do this for my cousins baby shower πŸ™‚ thank you!

  13. Jeanette Hill

    May I have a copy of the verse you use with the ABC book pages so the guests understand what to do and the alpha list of word ideas? What kind of book cover works best….a binder? Not sure. Thanks.

  14. Christy Pedersen

    I’m wondering if I can get a copy of the ABC pages as well. My daughter’s teacher is pregnant and we want to make her an alphabet book from her class. Thanks!

  15. Erin


    The ABC book is such a great idea! I would love to use this activity at my sister’s baby shower. Could you email me the template as well? Thank you!!

  16. Christy

    Hi! I am planning a baby shower for my daughter’s teacher. Can you please send me the ABC book pages as well? They are so cute!

  17. Gigi

    I love your coloring pages! I’m looking for the exact pages for a baby shower. Would you be so kind to share the printable pages with me? Thank you!

  18. Megan

    You created such lovely ABC pages! May I have the set emailed?? We are using the ABC book in lieu of a guest book.

  19. Steff

    I LOVE the ABC pages. Could you please send them to me so I can print? I want to use them for a shower I am throwing for my niece. I will also show them to my kindergarten teacher friends. Thank you!!

  20. Kate Torres

    We are planning a baby shower for my daughters teacher- this would be so awesome. Can you please email me the pages also? Thank you so much!

  21. Julee

    Could you please send me the ABC pages and the list of suggestions for each page? I would love to use it for a shower for a dear friend. It is such a perfect idea and a family treasure!
    Thanks so much.

  22. Elisabeth Darce

    I am hosting a classroom baby shower for my assistant. Could you please send me the abc pages for my class to make her a book???

  23. Lesley

    I absolutely love your ABC pages! Would you be able to email them to me?? Of course, for me, it’s last minute and I would need them today or tomorrow morning. Thank you for your posts and ideas! Have a blessed day.

  24. Nancy

    Hi- I love the alphabet book. Could you please send me those pages? I would love to use them for a story book theme shower πŸ™‚

    Thank you!


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