Project Orange

As some of you know, an incredible mother/blogger passed away last December shortly after Christmas. Those that knew Kristi from her Orange Juice blog would comment on her funny personality, her creativity, and most importantly the love that she had for her husband and little boy. She adored being a mother. I was always so impressed with all the learning activities and field trips she planned for her little man. 

With the holidays approaching, I wanted to do something in memory of Kristi. I know that this has to be such an incredibly hard time for her family- since it will be the first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas that she is no longer with us. I am calling it Project Orange– partly because of the name of her blog, and partly because the color orange represents energy, vitality, and endurance- all qualities she possessed.

Project Orange is a chance for all of us to participate (with our families if possible) in community service– particularly doing something for the youth. It starts now and will go until the end of December. Make a plan to accomplish at least one service project. If possible, incorporate the color orange in your service project somehow… bake cookies with orange frosting, or tie an orange ribbon around the gift you donate… etc. 

Some ideas for a service activity would be:

donating books to a library, school, or a neighbor in need
volunteering your time at a school
read to a child
carve a pumpkin with a child that might not get a chance otherwise
donate gifts or money to a family in need for Christmas
donate a turkey to a family in need for Thanksgiving
invite children to your house to make cookies to give away
donate clothes, toys, money to a children or family shelter
write an anonymous letter to someone you know needs cheering up
pray for those in need
make a plan to spend more time with your family- then do it
create family night kits for neighbors, encouraging them to spend more quality time at home
make donations to charities or those in need
let someone know how much you love and appreciate them
share your talents with someone- whatever they might be
participate in a charity walk/run
make baby blankets to donate to the hospital
volunteer to babysit a friend’s kids so she can relax or go on a date with her husband

There are no rules, no guidelines. There will be no winner for the most hours spent giving service, only the pure satisfaction and joy that comes from helping and serving others.

All I ask is that whatever project you choose, that you do it in Kristi’s memory or in the memory of someone who will not be able to spend the holidays with their family.

I would love to hear about your experiences with your service project. Send me an email, or comment to this post. If you like, you can add this image to your post to share the awareness of our project.


Thank you so much- I know this will be a great opportunity for you and your family to provide service, and it will be a special tribute to an amazing person.

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