Mummy on the Move! (Halloween version of Elf on the Shelf)

I have heard about the Elf on the Shelf Christmas idea for awhile now. I have never read the book, but from what I have gathered, there is an elf that moves around every night watching the kids and reporting back to Santa if they have been naughty or nice. Sounds fun, and I would love to do that for Christmas this year.

And Halloween.

I searched around online and couldn’t find anything,  so I had to kick my creative gears into motion and come up with my own idea. I came across this fun and pretty easy tutorial on movable mummies from Family Chic which I made. (I added batting to make the mummy more poofy since my husband said the mummy looked anorexic! ha!). Any mummy doll would work- preferably the ones that bend, because then you can have more fun! Amazon has a little mummy doll that is part of a Halloween set that looks fun, and Toys R Us has a mummy plush doll.
Here is the plan: The night before our first day of our Halloween countdown, I will read my daughter this short Mummy on the Move story I wrote (I have to add that I haven’t read the Elf on the Shelf yet, so any similarities are purely coincidental!).
During the night I will hide the mummy somewhere in our house. In the morning, my Boo will search the house and find him (it is a boy, since according to her all the bad or scary guys are boys!) 
I am really super excited to have our little mummy on the move at our house! This is just another fun holiday activity to get us excited for Halloween!
Happy Haunting and as always… Happy Teaching!
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5 thoughts on “Mummy on the Move! (Halloween version of Elf on the Shelf)

  1. Shantelle Long

    Keri that is such a cute idea. I might have to try it for next Halloween or I might even have to try finding a cute mummy and doing it now…we will have to see if I can find one. Thanks for all your talent…YOU ARE SO CREATIVE!

  2. Gabriele

    Oh you SO totally ROCK!!! We have loved the Elf on the Shelf stuff, but since we don’t celebrate Christmas, we have missed out! I am SOOOOOOO excited about this idea!!! Thank you THANK YOU!!!! My son is gonna have a BLAST!!!!!!!

  3. ravenstears

    Ah fantastic! I’m going to have to take your idea and twist it a bit for our house! Thank you so much! I’ve never been a fan of the elf on the shelf, for some reason it just doesn’t feel quite right for me. But this, totally works! I’m going to add a skeleton friend (Skully) for our Mummy, and they’ll travel our house for a simple silly hide and seek, occasionally being found reading a new Halloween book or holding a new movie, or just playing a game together in a hiding spot (one we can join in on!) Thanks again! Beautiful idea 🙂


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