Haunted House (13 Days of Halloween Ideas)

I decided to do a fun Halloween countdown with my daughter (read more about it HERE). While we aren’t starting quite yet, I wanted to compile all my ideas by October 18th so I am ready to go. Each day has it’s own Halloween theme. Enjoy!

Our eleventh theme for our 13 day countdown is haunted houses. Here are some of the fun ideas I have found (sorted by category). And while I will only have time to do two or three of these ideas, I wanted to include everything I found that was noteworthy. Many of these were found on Pinterest (i just LOVE this site!) some are on my wiki, and some I have found through google searches.
Service Project (Same concept as 12 days of Christmas…but with a Halloween twist!)
  • Have your little ones clean up their house so it isn’t haunted by clutter!
  • Take a walk outside and straighten up any untidy homes in your neighborhood (such as picking up litter, sweeping porches, raking leaves, etc!)
Inside a House That Is Haunted: A Rebus Read-Along Story This is a book we actually have! Think of this as a Halloween twist on the classic “This is the house that Jack built” story. It would be fun to have older kids come up with their own haunted house rebus stories.

Learning Time Fun
Learn English Kids has an online I spy game where kids search for objects in a haunted house. Great game for those learning letters.

Teach your little ones their street address so they know where their haunted house is!

This is a GREAT time to sit down with your family and make a fire escape plan. Draw a simple map of your house on large paper, and have your kids (with your help) come up with at least two escape routes.

Treats & Eats
Kraft Foods posted a haunted house cake recipe- looks delicious!

What’s For Lunch at Our House posted this fun haunted house lunch. Be careful when visiting this site- you can easily get sucked into the most adorable lunch ideas EVER.

I love this no bake haunted house kit from Williams-Sonoma. I think Target might sell something similar- good practice for the gingerbread houses during Christmas!

Arts & Crafts
Super cute haunted house project made from a brown paper bag from Busy Bee Kids Crafts. I think this would be fun family home evening project- make an entire neighborhood of haunted houses!

Popsicle stick haunted house from All Kids Network. Would be fun to make into a magnet!

All Kids Network also posted these easy haunted house lift the flap art project. I know my almost 4 year old would enjoy making this- and how fun would it be to add words- like a bat sticker and the word bat.. just trying to keep things educational.  🙂
I love this magnetic haunted house craft posted by No Time For Flash Cards (love this site!)… a nice quiet activity that is perfect for the Halloween season!


Create your own haunted reading nook!

  • Decorate the area by displaying spooky self portraits made by your little ones
  • Make a spider web by stretching cotton batting in corners- add spiders!
  • Play eerie music or scary sound effects
  • Bundle all your Halloween books into a Boo basket (don’t forget to check the library)
  • Dim the lights, grab a flashlight, and have a bone-rattling read-a-thon!
Eat a candlelight dinner with the house lights off. Eat frightening food (check out our other 13 Days of Halloween posts for some delicious ideas) and don’t forget the spooky background music! 

Fingerplays and Songs 
All of these were found aKid’n’Kaboodle.

The Haunted House
(Tune of “Wheels on the Bus”)
The ghost in the house goes “Boo! Boo! Boo!”
“Boo! Boo! Boo!, Boo! Boo! Boo!”
The ghost in the house goes “Boo! Boo! Boo!”
On Halloween.
The steps in the house goes “Creek, creek, creek…”
The cats in the house go “Meow, meow, meow…”
The mice in the house go “Squeak, squeak, squeak..”
The people in the house go “Eek, eek, eek…”

Haunted House…
(Pop Goes The Weasel)
All around the haunted house,
The bat chased the goblin.
The ghost floated overhead.
Scat! went the black cat.

The Ghost in the House
(tune: “The Wheels on the Bus”)
The ghost in the house goes “boo boo boo,
Boo boo boo, boo boo boo”
The ghost in the house goes “boo boo boo”
On Halloween
Other verses:
The steps in the house go “creak creak creak”
The cats in the house go “meow meow meow”
The mice in the house go “squeak squeak squeak”
The people in the house go “eak eak eak”
We also added other creatures ( monsters, skeletons, mummies etc.) and made up our own sounds for them!

Oh, Haunted House
(Sung to: O Tannenbaum)
Oh, haunted house,
Oh, haunted house
the mansion stands so proudly,
Oh haunted house
Oh, haunted house
its shutters bang so loudly
It’s wooden staircase groans and creaks
It’s doors have lots of eerie squeaks
Oh, haunted house
Oh, haunted house
The mansion stands so proudly

This is a fun mommy craft from Better Homes and Gardens. What a fun place to put Halloween candy!

Happy Haunting!
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1 thought on “Haunted House (13 Days of Halloween Ideas)

  1. Helaine

    Hi! – Here’s another addition to your Haunted House theme days – forgive the plug for my own book, but it’s really so bang on I decided better to send than be circumspect. The book is called The Haunted House That Jack Built and is available from Scholastic. There’s an audio version too with lots of spooky sound effects!

    Here’s a review:
    “Inspired by The House That Jack Built, Becker and Parkins create a delightful story of Halloween fun. Each double page spread features a new ghoul, with the exception of the “fairy all forlorn” who is bit by the “count, on the prowl until morn”. The cute wit, combined with the comical illustrations, makes this a great read-aloud book. Both children and adults can enjoy the brightly coloured pages, the evenly paced rhymes, the spirited characters and the satisfying ending – complete with Verta Bray’s Recipe for Halloween Skeleton Stew. A great addition to Halloween collections! Highly Recommended.”

    – CM Magazine

    “With a Halloween twist to the classic This is the House that Jack Built nursery rhyme, this book’s cute illustrations make for a delightful read for younger trick-or-treaters. The repetition of lines as the story progresses will also boost word recognition and encourage reading — but don’t tell your kid that.”

    – Chronicle Herald

    You can find more deets about the book at http://www.helainebecker.com/abouthauntedhouse.html


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