Halloween Montessori 3-Part Cards

From the time I first learned about Montessori nomenclature 3-part cards, I have wanted to try them with my daughter. For those that don’t know, this is an activity where kids take one card with both a picture and word label, then find and match the picture card AND the word label card. A great way to get kids looking at word similarities and differences. And I thought what better way to sneak in some learning then during a Halloween game! 

I searched online for free Halloween 3 part cards. I was lucky enough to find these pumpkin cards from Kidsparkz. While they were made for a concentration activity, they work great as nomenclature cards! I just printed two copies and cut the words and pictures apart on one of the sheets. Very simple. We did this activity as part of our pumpkin day festivities, and while it was a little difficult because we had never done anything like this before, my Boo did a great job. Hint: for those kiddos trying this activity for the first time: start with a small amount of cards. Please learn from my mistake!

I also found some Halloween cards that would work well as nomenclature 3 part cards from Have Fun Teaching (don’t you love the name of the site!) This link will take you to all their holiday cards- so if you want to do Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, St Patricks Day, Easter, or birthday 3-part cards…. this is the site for you! The only thing with these cards is that they are designed differently than the typical Montessori nomenclature cards. Instead of the word label being directly below the picture, it is found to the right of the picture. BUT I still think they will work just fine. I don’t think the Montessori police will come after you if the activity looks a little different…..

Check out The Little List for more sites with free nomenclature 3-part cards! I especially like the farm cards from Montessori Moments.

Happy Teaching!

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