13 Day Countdown to Halloween… Ready to Go!

Tomorrow (October 18) is the first day of our Halloween countdown! I am SO excited! It’s not to late to join in the fun….Here is a recap of our countdown ideas (Mummy on the Move, 13 themes, pumpkin patch numbers. Education Cube countdown blocks, and a song) as well as a link to the cover of our Halloween Countdown folder.
First, to aid us in our countdown is our Mummy on the Move (Halloween version of Elf on the Shelf). I read my daughter the little poem I wrote like 7 times before she went to bed…. and she was SO excited to wake up so she could find where the mummy was hiding!! So much so that she had a difficult time falling asleep. (Do you remember those days when you were filled with so much anticipation that sleeping was difficult? 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend doing this with your little ones- I can tell this will be a wonderful new tradition for our little family!
Our 13 day countdown consists of 13 themes to help us celebrate this fun, festive season! Click on the links below to go to my blog post about each theme! Each post is FULL of great ideas I gathered on Pinterest and google searches. (Click HERE to go to my Pinterest board dedicated to the 13 day countdown to Halloween- there are some new pins that weren’t included in the posts!)
There are 13 pumpkins that will help us count down (you can download the pumpkin numbers file from this post) I taped the pumpkins to a wall in our kitchen… classy, I know :). The idea is that every day my daughter will pick the numbered pumpkin from the pumpkin patch that corresponds with the number of days left to Halloween. So tomorrow she will pick 13 since there are 13 days until Halloween, and then Wednesday she will pick 12, etc.  
I also put together simple and kid friendly Halloween Countdown blocks using my Education Cubes. 
Click HERE to get a song I wrote that goes along with our 13 day countdown. 
And finally- While I was getting everything ready for our witch day tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to put all our themed activity pages (and any crafts or games that will fit) in a folder. Here is a link to the cover for our folder.
 I am going to show my daughter this special, spooky folder and hype it up as much as I can- she is sorda on strike from learning pages right now. The goal of this activity is to just have fun! Plain and simple!!

Happy Haunting!!!
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1 thought on “13 Day Countdown to Halloween… Ready to Go!

  1. ravenstears

    I’m loving this!!! I just glued the little paper pumpkins to some extra poster board I had around (to make them more durable) then cut them out. Then I cut up some thin advertising magnets I had about the house into rectangles and hot glued them to the backs of each pumpkin. We’re sticking them to the back of our metal front door to “pick” each day 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get a few years out of these little guys! Thank you so much!


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