Quiet Kits: Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Sort

I have been busy creating some new quiet kits for my almost 4 year old little girl. Our kits have evolved right along with my Boo. As she is getting older and has a longer attention span, I am able to pull more independent activities (versus how am I going to entertain my child so she can actually SIT for 30 minutes!!!)
I saw a great pocket folder set at Really Good Stuff. Like many of you, I can’t spend enough time thumbing through teacher magazines and I can spend plenty of money on teaching supplies! I saw this and knew immediately that I would embark on a DIY version and incorporate that into our latest quiet kits!

The Basics:

  • a pocket folder, I have parent/teacher communication folders that I LOVE (because they have clear plastic pockets.. including a clear pocket on the cover!)
Sunday Sorts: Unhealthy and Healthy Foods

  • Cover… because we all know an educational experience is never complete without looking cute 🙂 

  • Sorting cards and labels. The child sorts the food cards into two categories- healthy and unhealthy. This is simple, can be done as an independent quiet activity for an older child or a teaching activity for a younger child. My darling energetic preschooler will sit and do this sort twice! It’s a winner around here!!
This sort would be a perfect fit for units on nutrition, health, and taking care of our bodies. It can spark conversations on the importance of eating right and the consequences of our food choices.
The images in this sort were mainly found from google images. And the great copyright follower that I am forgot to write down where I grabbed the pics. For that reason I ask that you use this sort (and other sorts to be posted in the future) for home/classroom use only.
I hope this helps your little ones learn more about those healthy food choices!
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2 thoughts on “Quiet Kits: Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Sort

  1. Cindy

    Very cute sorting activity! For whatever reason I can’t seem to download it! Do I just double click on the picture of the food pictures? I’ve been trying that and I can’t seem to get it to work. Thank you for sharing it!


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