13 Days of Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween is approaching- and the excitement around our house is brewing! It is not only for this fun (and sometimes spooky) holiday, but it also the birthday of my beloved daughter- and now you know why we call her our Boo!
I thought it would be fun to create a “13 Days of Halloween” countdown for Boo. Why 13? Because that is a superstitious-Halloweenish number. I created simple pumpkin shapes using the Gimp (but cutting shapes out of glittery scrapbook paper on the Cricut would totally enhance the cuteness factor!) I included the free download of the numbered pumpkin shapes so you can make this for your family!

I plopped myself down and thought about what activities I wanted to make sure I got in before Halloween- because there are SO many to choose from! Well, there was a lot of ideas. So instead of just doing activities, I thought it would be fun to have 13 themes. This is what I came up with:

black cat
haunted house
candy corn

Here is the plan: each day my daughter will pick one numbered pumpkin from the pumpkin patch… which is conveniently located on her door. On the back side of the pumpkin will be a clipart showing her the theme of the day. For older kids you could simply write the theme on the back of the pumpkins.

Each theme day will include a few activities- stories, craft, treats (of course!), etc… I love the themed idea because I have more freedom to cut out activities if we just aren’t in the mood that day AND I can try and squish in so many of the darling ideas I have found! And don’t worry- for the next thirteen days I will be posting ideas that go with each of these themes
I have to add that this idea came while searching Pinterest and seeing this lovely and crafty set created by Paper Crave (isn’t it delightful?).
There is also a Halloween countdown idea at My Delicious Ambiguity which uses envelopes, notecards, and a creative flair!
I am SO excited to do this countdown with my daughter this year! YAY for Halloween fun- let’s make some fabulous memories with our families this year!

Happy Teaching!

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7 thoughts on “13 Days of Halloween Activities for Kids

  1. Mary

    Thank you so much for sharing these printables, and also for giving the details of what you did you for each theme! We are going to have so much fun with this! Thank you !!!


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