Super Cute Chore Chart

I have debated on when to start my little one on a chore chart… and I realized that the time has come! She is old enough to be responsible for a few tasks, and I figured I should start this chart while she still loves to help! 🙂

After finding a simple, yet cute, chore chart online (check out Leah Remillet’s photography site for a free download) I went to work on what chores are appropriate for a three year old. I decided that 10 tasks would be great (and there just happened to be 10 lines on the chart!) We have a very solid night routine (brush teeth, say family prayers, scriptures) but we struggle with the mornings. So the first four tasks on the list revolve around improving our morning routine. As a teacher I had to stick in some of our learning activities- so two tasks are centered around scholastic education. Writing in journal, putting toys away, and putting on jammies are to help my daughter take more responsibility at night and to HOPEFULLY motivate her to do them quickly… I am sure I am the only parent with a daughter who associates bedtime with playtime! That left one task..feeding the dogs. She already loves to help with that, so I know that making this her special job will thrill her to pieces- or so I hope!
I also started thinking about external incentives- would she be motivated by stickers alone? I didn’t want to be caught in the trap of giving her a treat every time she earned her 10 stickers for the day. So this is the plan: When my daughter earns her daily 10 stickers, we will run around the table (my daughter LOVES this!) and sing the “Go Jackie!” song/cheer. Simple- yet meeting the ultimate goal of my daughter knowing how proud we are of her and her good choices! I am also thinking of adding a special gold star sticker on her chart when she can go a whole day without a time out.
I am in the works to start a social skills jar with my daughter- focusing on a different skill every two weeks to a month (such as listening, following instructions, waiting, interrupting appropriately, and accepting feedback or correction) There are roughly 18 skill ideas that I would like to implement (taken from the Cool Kids program). I hope to type up that post as soon as we get our feet wet with the program!
As always, happy teaching!
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2 thoughts on “Super Cute Chore Chart

  1. Lisa

    Hi! I’m trying to find copy of this chore chart. I found it last year and created charts but can’t seem to find it again. Where can I get a copy?


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