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Like all parents, I want my daughter to have confidence in herself. I want her to go through life with the attitude that anything is possible and that she can do anything! Unfortunately I have already seen the beginnings of frustration when my Boo realizes that there are things that she can’t do (yet!). Dr. Michele Borba- an author, parenting expert, and educator- has outlined eight tips to cultivate that can-do attitude in our children. Two of those tips- Celebrate the special achievements and efforts and Accentuate the positive tie in directly to that confident attitude I want my three year old to develop…. as well as our latest Mommy & Me made book: My I Can Do Book! And the book is shaped like a can! 🙂
I just finished the template today and would love to share it with you all! Just right click on the image and save to your desktop. Or for larger files, click here for the cover and here for the blank pages. You will only need to print one cover, but print several of the blank pages. I plan on cutting out the can and binding the book on the side.
I hope this book will not only help my kiddo, but your little ones as well!
Happy Teaching!!
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2 thoughts on “my I CAN DO book

  1. eatmisery

    I have an “I Can Do It” jar that sits on the kitchen counter for my daughter. She loves contributing to it often. Every once it a while, we review the slips of paper she puts into the jar and she remembers that she can, in fact, do those things. It’s a great confidence-builder!


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