Praise to the Man Song Sheets

Watching my daughter “sit”in Primary is hilarious. She is a very active little girl, and loves to socialize with others around her. Needless to say she needed a little help learning the songs for the Primary program!
To help her learn the chorus of Praise to the Man, I created this song sheet.
Praise to the Man
We would sing through it once or twice a day. I pulled out the dinosaurs (my daughters FAVORITE toys) to help us role play certain parts of the chorus. T-Rex and Allosaurus were the traitors and tyrants. Naturally, since they are all carnivores and in her eyes the carnivores are always the bad guys! The traitors and tyrants would fight with the herbivores (a.k.a. good guys) but were met with shouts of “You’re fighting us in vain!” The dinosaurs also took turns “ascending to heaven” which meant they flew up to the table in her playroom. I also threw in a quick lesson on what descending means, you know… since they are opposites.

I wanted to mention a songsheet I found on SugarDoodle– It is great for older children and includes pictures of the first and third verses. I also found these sites to have some great ideas for teaching this song:
I would love to hear any other ideas you have for teaching your children the primary songs!
Happy Teaching!
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