Fun Family Field Trips in Utah

Live in Utah? Wondering what to do with your family this summer? This post is for you! I just jotted down some of the fun things we love to do during the summer!

  • Family Movies- discounted movies are playing at local theaters such as Cinemark.
  • Art Festivals- we just attended the Ogden Art Festival and had a blast! There were lots of cute (and FREE) kids crafts, local music, and of course all the fun and inspiring booths!
  • Ogden’s Dinosaur Park- we have been to a few dinosaur parks and this is by far our favorite! We love running around to each of the dinosaur statues and spouting off their names and what they liked to eat. (my little girl LOVES dinosaurs!!)
  • Union Station Museum- This is an interesting museum where you can learn a lot about the history of the railroad. They have a little play area for kids and a miniature train. We especially love looking at the old locomotives and railway cars in the train yard. This is a great place to get some darling pics of your kiddos so don’t forget your camera!
  • Golden Spike Arena- There are some free events at the Golden Spike Arena in Ogden this summer- from barrel racing to youth rodeos. Despite my husband’s allergies, we plan on making a short trip out to watch the horses in action!
  • Treehouse Children’s Museum- A fun museum housing a wide variety of learning areas. We like to go when it’s cooler outside. There are a few free days this Summer, so be on the look out for those!
  • Nature Center- It’s a little piece of the great outdoors in the middle of Ogden. Beautiful walking trails and some rescued birds. A great place to spend time outdoors this summer! They have some great day camps for kiddos as well.
  • Red Butte Garden- We took a little field trip here recently and loved it… there are beautiful gardens, hiking trails, and a fun splash area for the kids. Come prepared to walk and another great location for pics!
  • Library- Lots of books/DVDs/games/CDs… and best part, it’s free!
  • Thanksgiving Point- There is a wide variety of activities here! We hope to one day go down and visit the farm this summer.
  • This is the Place State Park- We always have a good time when we go here- and we have been lucky enough to go on free days. They have a petting zoo, train, pony rides, and lots of old buildings. A fun way to learn more about our pioneer heritage.
  • RAMP- If you live in or near Weber County, check out this link for a lot of fun and free activities on Saturdays this summer.
  • hiking trails- Drive towards the mountains and you are bound to go by a few trailheads. Best hiking tips: go early- the earlier the better and bring plenty of water.
  • Hill Air Force Base Museum- This is a free museum full of airplanes. I will admit that after looking at the fifth airplane I had pretty much zoned out, but my husband and daughter really like it! And they do have a little play area for the kids…
  • Splash Parks- Let’s see… fun, a great way to cool off, and did I mention FREE?!
  • Tracey Aviary- You have to go at least once! They just opened a new owl exhibit that we are excited to see. The aviary is located next to a fun park/playground with a splash fountain… so if it’s hot, bring those swimming suits!
  • Hogle Zoo- Most people we have talked to have told us to avoid the zoo this year because of the construction and remodeling. But we say- THIS is the time to go! They have dinosaurs!! I am not sure how long this exhibit will last, but we are super excited to go to the zoo this year!
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1 thought on “Fun Family Field Trips in Utah

  1. Randy Wagstaff

    Wow that sounds awesome. I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind next time we are planning our family vacation. We try to visit a new state every year with the kids. Last year we went to these amazing indoor water parks in Ohio. The kids absolutely loved it, and the resort is beautiful. Who knows, maybe our 2014 destination will be to Salt Lake City! Thanks for posting!


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