Number Recognition Activities

We recently played some number recognition games with our Education Cube inserts and had a blast! We have had SO much fun and are a definite must-have for any parent with an active (or easily distractible) learner. Why? They keep learning FUN and there is always an element of mystery when you roll that dice…
Anyway, here are some ideas you can use with numbered dice or your education cubes to learn those stinkin’ numbers:
  • Roll 4 dice. Which number is biggest? Smallest?
  • Roll 4 dice. Put numbers in order from least to greatest and/or greatest to least.
  • Roll one die (that just sounds so weird!) Divide the number in half.
  • Roll one die. Double that number.
  • Roll one die. What number is before/after the number you rolled?
  • Roll one die. Run around the table that many times (this activity is inspired and created for my little runner… remember to center your learning activities around your child’s interests!)
  • Integrate the numbers with your learning units. We recently learned about the weather. I used the number education cube inserts and I created my own weather inserts. First, we rolled the dice. We did different movements that corresponded with the type of weather we rolled. And we counted these movements to the number we rolled. For example, if we got the wind and a 20, we would run around the living room (like we were blowing away in the wind) twenty times. We do a lot of running around here. 🙂
Hope these are helpful! Happy Teaching!
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