More Mini Science Explorations

My daughter and I have had more fun with science experiments! I posted earlier about science explorations, and here are more ideas. Some of these went with little units we were studying and the rest were just for fun!

Using a thermometer and watching the mercury change in different temperatures

Dropping objects on a tray and sorting if they made a loud or soft noise on impact

Exploring with nesting items such as blocks, cookie cutters, bowls, colored cups, and measuring cups

We did a sensory bag experience…my daughter closed her eyes, reached in a bag, and described the object she felt using just the sense of touch. This is a pic of all the stuff that was in the bag!
Science and exploring can be so much fun! Happy teaching!
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3 thoughts on “More Mini Science Explorations

  1. My Boys' Teacher

    Oh…that’s cool. We’ve “felt” hot and cold things, but it never occurred to me to use the thermometer (duh). I never thought about the dropping things to listen to the noise idea either. Thanks!


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