Montessori Book Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have been given the great opportunity to review an incredible book based on Montessori: Montessori at Home! The Complete Parents Guide to Doing Montessori Learning Activities at Home by John Bowman. As a mommy/teacher who has learned all I know about Montessori from a book I checked out from the library (and of course some amazing websites out there!) I appreciate having a curriculum that explains the Montessori’s goals, key points, key aspects, and benefits (for all those who might be a doubting Thomas). There is a helpful section on Montessori materials you can make and a wonderfully laid out and detailed section on the Three Step Lesson.

The Montessori at Home! curriculum not only contains the blueprint and outline for teaching the Montessori approach, but gives SO many great activities! They are organized into the following sections: Everyday Life Activities, Sensory Activities, Science Activities, The Mathematics Sequence, and the Reading Sequence. I read the book, putting post-it notes whenever I saw an idea I wanted to try out with my daughter and can I just say my book is plastered with yellow notes!! And these activities are labeled with an average age range, goals to accomplish during the activity, how you will know your child is ready for the activity, materials required, presentation and use, and parental involvement. Oh, and pictures for all us visual learners out there! 🙂 There are also some extension ideas, which I always appreciate in case I need to reinforce the learning goals or my daughter is completely captivated and wants to learn more!
I really could go on and on about the wonderful aspects of this curriculum guide. But rather than hearing me blab, let me show you some of the great ideas found in this book:
  1. How to teach numbers! I am starting to work on this more and more with my daughter, and I love the activities presented in this book. The sequence of teaching number recognition is perfect. I love presentations described in the book using a variety of materials including pennies, straws, grid boards, bead bars, and more!
  2. Addition and subtraction ideas- brilliant! I LOVE the idea of using clear cups to show the operation (a better detailed explanation is found in the book!).
  3. Fabric folding… I thought, how cute would it be if my daughter could fold the napkins for dinner (when we actually use them- ha!) This activity made it so simple! We tried it yesterday and I knew it sunk in when I later saw her trying to fold paper using the patterns mentioned in this book. And the book does recommend using light-colored wash clothes but all I had to spare was a dark blue towel that was on its way out… it still worked well for my kiddo!
One thing I didn’t mention about this book that is a great feature are all the free cut-outs and templates at the back of the book. I also received a CD that includes the entire book in pdf form (for all you e-readers out there that like to read on the go!) and a pdf of the templates and cut-outs. Great organization and phenomenal activities. For me, this book has been the foundation of most of our Montessori activities.
And guess what!?! I was fortunate to receive this book free of charge and one of you lucky U.S. readers can, too!
How to enter: Leave a comment telling me one of your favorite Montessori activity! And yes, you can enter more than once…up to three comments per person! Contest ends April 15 (thats an easy day to remember for those filing for taxes!)
Good luck and as always, happy teaching!
Update: Congrats to Megan for her winning comment! Your book is on it’s way!
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37 thoughts on “Montessori Book Review and GIVEAWAY!

  1. Melissa F.

    Talking about fabrics! i love Matching fabrics, Child develop so much on tactile and visual areas….. I love sensorial shelves!!! and as an extension I like when the child use a blindfold to find out!
    Melissa F.

  2. Ashley

    I like using different objects my kiddo likes to teach counting and numbers. Barrel of monkeys really worked well for ds1! We’d organize them all sorts of ways and he’d count and put them in or take them out.

  3. Amy

    Just discovered your blog this afternoon and I’m very interested in this giveaway too!

    We haven’t done any Montessori activities yet, but I’m looking forward to introducing my boys to the various practical life activities. 🙂


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